December 4, 2016


It was fun leading up to Halloween this year.
 Miles was excited to dress up and understood what all the excitement was about.

Both babes loved painting their mini pumpkins together.

 Both kids loved carving pumpkins....well they both loved watching dad and grandpa carve pumpkins.

Both kids loved the pumpkin patch

(why are these faceless paintings the best??)

Miles loved going on the rides and Andie was pretty bored to watch him have all the fun!

 Halloween books were read every day.
We had so much fun counting down, prepping for the the parties and the actual day of Halloween....

 someone got a fever and threw up several times!
Poor buddy.
We had to miss the parties this year.
He was pretty miserable.

He'd fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

 Then on Monday the 31st, we asked him if he was feeling better.
He said he still wanted to rest and asked if we could go trick or treating the next day.
I explained that Halloween was one day a year, and this was the one day to go out.

SOOOOO...he got a dose of Motrin and within 30 minutes he was eating pizza with his friends and running all around. 
(I know, awesome parenting award)

Once it was dark enough, we got the Crocodile and Elephant ready.

Miles picked out his croc hat on amazon for this and was super pumped to finally be wearing it.

and I was super pumped to get this girl in this costume.


They were darling!

They both ran up to doors together and were so happy thee entire night!
We walked together as a family and with our friends.
Romney and I loved walking as slow as our little family feet could go.

 All went to bed loaded with sugar and sweet memories were created
Just as it should be.

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