July 27, 2013

18 Months

I thought time flew by before...
In a blink of an eye Miles is a 1 1/2 years old.
There are some things that he does that are SO BIG BOY and some things that are SO BABY.
The joys of being 18 months I guess.

He cracks us up daily.
He has the deepest dimple and the softest voice.
He is such a mamas boy!...(no really, take it to the extreme level)
He is pretty quiet in new situations and has the clinging thing down.
He has all his molars in and is currently working on all the incisors...(no fun)
He LOVES peas, watermelon and Cheese.
When he hears music he clicks his tongue and sways back and forth. (he's quite the dancer)
He likes to take the fork and spoon away from us and feed himself.
He likes playing with balls, cars and dinosaurs.
He loves pushing his popper around.
He loves to wear our shoes around the house.
He runs.
He tries to jump all the time. (it's adorable)
He is constantly poking at our eyes and says "eye".
He naps once a day and sleeps great at night, sleeping in til 7:30-8:00am.
He has started to get CRAZY in the bath...were talking cannon balls and crocodile rolling.
He loves cuddling his blankets with his "mina" (bunny) at nap/bed time.
He really likes going down slides.(I love when he yells " MOMMY!...wheeee.")

He has just over 30 words that he can say.
Some of my favorites are:
mommy, woof (dog), cracko (cracker), wawa (water), Chi (cheese), 
Nay New (thank you), PEEE (please), up, chew (shoe), Ow-I (outside), Caw (car), 
Ahhh-D (all done), appica (popsicle)

 We had to get rid of the high chair because Miles was starting to stand up...
so we got a new little seat with a better buckle. He loves opening and closing the tray.

He loves being OW-I. 
He goes to the back door and says it often.  
He enjoys being pulled in the wagon, and playing with his popper.
We fill up the wagon with veggies from the garden and Miles tags along for the ride.
This is his "cheeeesssseeee" smile.

Under the tree you can see a tiny Miles pulling his popper.
He walks around the trike track poppin away.
While popping the popper he'll usually yell across the yard MOMMY, MOM, MOMMY....
and I validate what he is doing is thee coolest thing ever.

The boy cannot stay dry...ever.
He doesn't care if its 8:30am or 8:30pm.
He doesn't care if he's in his jammies or church clothes.
The kid LOVES wawa.

Every time the freezer gets opened he says "appica" (popsicle).
I could be pulling dinner out of the freezer, or getting ice for a drink but he doesn't seem to notice that. He just wants his appica.
I started blending up fruit and freezing the juice in popsicle molds and HE LOVES THEM!
He just has to eat them outside in a diaper...they are messy!

Miles love of books kills me.
It melts my heart.
He likes to look at books during diaper changes, road trips, and church.

Miles gets a hair cut once a month.
He has too, it's out of control.
Except now--- books and crackers aren't enough to keep him entertained...
but we figured out that SUCKERS work!
Now I pack water and dum dums for a good hair cut.

Miles loves to brush his teeth when we brush our teeth.
He likes to sit on the bathroom step and get ready with us.
Sometimes he even grabs our hair brush for quick grooming too.
He also likes to shut the bathroom door on us and play peek a boo.
He thinks its fun to close the door and quickly cries when he realizes that he cannot open it.
Silly boy.

 Happy 18 Months Little One