July 16, 2012

5 Months

Miles Miles Miles.
I can not believe Miles is growing as fast as he is....and I'm not just talking about his weight.
but just in case you were wondering, Baby boy is over 18lbs. 
Anyway,  I still marvel at the speed babies develop.
Every week there is a new trick.
I love it.
He now sits in a high chair.

He eats rice cereal.
He wears it well too.
He discovered Magnus. 
Look out.
Miles grabs his coat and Magnus just takes it.

All the padding behind his head in the car seat have come out because he's just too big.

Miles shoves every piece of material in his mouth. Blankets, burp cloths, onesies, bibs, you name it and he loves it.
He is sitting up like a big boy. 
He has only fallen backwards once....therefore I have only had one heart attack.
We no longer sit in the baby tub....we have promoted to the big tubby.
He LOVES it. 
He is really into the faucet. He wants to touch it and see the water come out of it.

Miles can roll over from his back to belly and refused to roll from his belly to back.
He plays on his belly and doesn't protest during tummy time anymore.
While on his belly he can push himself up from his elbows to his hands. 
He just learned how to make raspberries....so adorable.
He loves being sung to every time he goes to sleep.
He is taking longer naps during the day, which I appreciate.
He started baby food and after the first bite of every serving he makes the Mmmmmm sound.
He loves bath time.
He has discovered how loud his voice can get.
He can be held on my hip. He grabs EVERYTHING! Toys, phones, our dinner plates.
He is trying so hard to put his pacifier back into his mouth on his own. 
Close....oh so close.
 He puts all his toys in his mouth.
While I'm feeding him a bottle he reaches up to touch my face.

Miles we sure love you.
You make us smile every day.