February 24, 2013

1 Year Old

Miles is one!
 One year ago we got a phone call to let us know that little boy was born and that the c-section went well.
It was three days before we got to see that little boy.
But, it was all worth it.
Every tear....worth it.
For the last year heaven has touched our home.
Miles is pure joy.
He is so sweet and wins the hearts of many.

He is getting so big, I'm not sure if I like it or if I'm sad about it...
a little bit of both I guess.

One thing that I do like is...
Miles likes to stand in the carts at the store.
Now his big ol' car seat doesn't take up all the space.
I put things in the cart and he casually throws them out on the floor with a quick 

He loves to play in Magnus' water bowls. 
This is a love/hate relationship I have with this one.
It's darling! He loves it!...Therefore I smile and love it too and say "how fun"
But he ends up sitting down and dumping all the water on himself....
you see? 
Sooo....when he's done, we go up to the bath and get cozy warm again.

I love that he loves his bunny.
I ask if he can give bunny a kiss...
and this is his smooch.

It makes me sad that I don't have to sit down and spoon feed him everything anymore.
He sits in his chair and chomps down whatever we are eating.
He's still a good eater.
The only thing that he doesn't love is broccoli.
But he'll eat it if its pureed. 
Now with all the sadness of him feeding himself...
it is kinda nice because,
We can all eat at the same time and that is fun.
After each bite he says MMMMMMMM. 

I love that he knows who dad is and that he loves to be with him!
Dads are fun
Dads are wild
Dads throw babies into the air,
and Dads use jammies for long ears
(look at those chubby arms....mmmm)

Some fun 12 month facts about Miles:

-He is walking 100%
- He has 7 teeth
-He points to things he wants or sees (not grunting just pointing)
- Says "ah" after we say prayers
-Throws his drink on the ground when he's done drinking 
-He squeals/squawks like a monkey when you say the word monkey
-He blows raspberries still
-Takes my glasses off my face every bottle feeding
-He  is starting to "dance" when he hears a beat
-He whispers...its adorable.
He can say:
Dog(da) Duck (duh), Ball (ba), Uh Oh, Hi, Bye, Car (tar/ca), Mom, Dad (da), Bunny (bouie), Button (bun)

Miles, we love you more than you will ever know.
You are our favorite one year.
We are so happy you came to our family.

HaPpY BiRtHdAy!