December 20, 2011

sunshine in December

Only in California would the doors of our candy houses melt in the window sill.


December 14, 2011

Two Very Exciting Things....

none of them revolve around us getting a baby....for those curious ones.


1.) I made whipping Cream.
Yes you read that right, I just whipped up some cream.
I have NEVER turned on my Kitchen Aid for whipping cream and by golly I liked it!

2.) After 4.5 years of living in our house I finally used a Pomegranate from our
Pomegranate tree.
We usually ignore the huge red bulbs on the tree.
This tree just came with our house and we let our friends come and take em.
I found a recipe that called for pomegranates.
It was fun to go out and pick a piece of fruit off our tree and actually use it!

and dang it...
It was delicious.

See I told you,
exciting things over here at our house.