August 30, 2009

travel bag

I have been wanting a travel bag that was 1.)pick pocket proof and (and being the key word) 2.) cute. So I went to my mother in law who had a pattern for such a thing and she helped me make one!

-make one long strap and one short strap
- loop the long strap through the short strap and it stays tightly closed

You can make one too. All you need two is different fabrics.... and a mother in law with a pattern. Easy enough. Now it can hold all sorts of traveling goodies!

August 23, 2009


Somebody got new gardening gloves.
And they got dirty.

These cheery colors put a smile on my face the second I walk out the door....and that is always fun!

August 18, 2009

Well he's my hero

Tonight we went to the movies on a whim. We were in our jammies and decided to clean up and go. The parking lot was packed! On a Tuesday whats up with that? We drove around and around looking for a spot.
While making another turn Romney kinda starting laughing because he saw a boy eat it on his bike. But the boy didn't get up. We saw two men run for him and he still didn't get up. Romney pulled over and got out. I crawled over the seat to continue to find a spot. When I finally found a spot in the way back- by the "not good enough restaurants to be in the actual plaza" I walked kind of fast to see what was going on.

When I approached the scene I saw Romney the medic helping a complete stranger. He was crouched down holding this young boys neck in place. With one hand he was feeling for a pulse and talking in his ear asking questions and keeping him calm. When I made it closer I thought DUDE I'M WITH THAT GUY. By the time I got to the actual location I heard our fire friends coming. Once his buddies got there they had Rom put the neck brace on the boy and he gave them a report of what had happened. Off we went to the movies first stopping by the bathroom to wash his "nasty" hands.

So the boy did eat it on the bike and knocked himself out. I know Romney didn't do CPR and save somebodys life BUT he did step up and take charge on scene, and the fact that he actually knew what to do on a scene, he wasn't nervous to get down and touch his neck and feel the bones down his back. He kept this boy calm and that's totally hot. He's my hero at least.

FYI- We saw Julie and Julia to get us excited about PARIS and all the food. It was DARLING. Lots of funny parts. Very entertaining indeed. That Julia Child is HILARIOUS

August 12, 2009

Babys first hair cut

The time has arrived for baby to get a cut

mean while.... Romney is working on his ravish tan

We have a yard!

now on to the back

August 2, 2009

6 whole years....

Who would of thought that when we took our first picture together at the San Diego Wild Animal Park the heavens were celebrating that we had FINALLY met our match!
We were married 6 years ago today!

We jumped for joy!

And kissed all day!

What just happened here? Where did the time go? I can not believe how fast life really does go. I swear we just got married. Married life really is awesome. We are having a great time together. We were just saying the other day that we are having more fun now than ever. It just keeps getting better!

In 6 years we have been able to:

not sweat the small stuff
finish our schooling
Go to Chicago lots
Buy our first car together
Get a JOB
deal with several out patient surgeries
Go to Hawaii
learn how to be poor an hour after we've been paid
Buy a house
listen to each others music....kinda
laugh lots
keep the romance alive

So here's to LOVE
Happy Anniversary!!!