October 26, 2014

Passes are Renewed!!

Ahhhhhhh, it feels so good to be back! 
We have missed you Disneyland.

Miles wanted to see Mickey and we got that checked off our bucket list within 2 minutes of walking in. 

He also wanted to ride a horse....but totally freaked out!
Apparently we haven't done the carousal in a while and he forgot.....
Because once the ride started he was happy.

Small world is always a favorite! 
Miles sings "its a small world after all" around the house a lot.
He kinda gets confused and says "can we go on sea world?"
It's super cute.

After dinner we headed over to California Adventure.
We went with my friend Katie and her kids and her sister Deanna.
Katies hubby is an artist for Disney so they get to join us whenever they want--for free.
Those kids have it good!

Miles and Jane loved holding hands and running up and down the sidewalk.


Glad we brought jammies cause he was OUT before we left the park.

He has been asking to go back everyday.
Sweet kid.