October 31, 2016

San Diego Zoo

San Diego is the best in October!
It's kids get into the park free month.
That's right, the zoo, the wild animal park, sea world, the whole works--

We went to the zoo with these fun ladies.
Our husbands both work for the fire department and we really did try to pick a day that the guys could come with us but the stars just couldn't align.
The days they were both off of work, one was working over time or in a class or had an appointment.
So, we went without them.
Sorry guys, next time.

After we saw the polar bear
We spent a lot of time in the arctic snow caves playing.
(i love andies head-shes trying to get over to the big kids)

They popped up  and had a blast

We litearlly had to pull them away from this area so we could go see more animals.

 It was so fun to watch Miles and Cora discover things.
They loved watching the rattle snake...
..the giraffes...

...the orangutan...
(coras hair looks like the orangutan) 

Andie was a trooper in the heat in her stroller 

But she sure LOVED getting out to see everything!


The funnies of the day-
For the pictures that just make my heart happy:

Andie and I are looking at the gorillas and Miles is hanging there like one. 
(I seriously had no clue this was happening) 

The attempt for a cute picture of the kids on the lion.

and the awkward family pose on the Lion.

These all just make me laugh out loud!!

It was such a fun day.
We love our friends and are grateful for them.
It's sometimes hard to be a firemans wife and it's so nice to have someone who gets it.

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