October 22, 2008

Paradise Part 1

Well, we are back from Paradise!! We loved it!!!!! Even though we love are own comfy bed we didn't want to come back. The last ten days were a blast. We spent time on the Big Island (Kona) and Kauai. They are two very different islands but loved them both so much. Romney and I have been talking about going to Hawaii for a while and one night we were up late and decided that we just needed to book it and make it happen. So three weeks later we were off....


We started Kauai off by going on a helicopter tour of the island. It was so fun. The sights were amazing! 2/3 of the island you cant see or get to unless you are in the air. We still cannot believe how green it was and how beautiful it was to be up there. The wettest spot in the world is smack dab in the middle of the island, and we saw it. We were able to fly in the middle of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We saw incredible waterfalls that we wouldn't of been able to. We are so glad we did it.

We rented a car and drove all around the island which isn't hard to do...at all. But one day we drove south until it stopped. It was such a great day. We stopped by the blowhole and watched the water launch high into the air from the lava tubes. We stopped by the National Botanical Gardens which was fabulous. So many different plants and flowers. It was great!! We continued south and stopped at every look out. The sights were indescribable, seriously pictures don't do them justice. The whole way home in the pouring rain and no street lights we kept saying over and over "what a great day!" "what a great day!"

The next day we headed up North doing the same thing. Driving and continuing to say "awe this is beautiful!" We kept our swimming suits and hiking shoes in the trunk at all times because you never know what you are going to come across. Here we came across some great hiking. It was a HEALTHY hike! My heart was pumping. UP hill, on slippery muddy rocks...mmmm my kind of hike. No really it was great. We were able to see the Napali Coast which is UNREAL, it's breath taking. I did take a little spill on this hike. Nothing like a good abrasion to the knee. Unfortunately we were attacked by bugs and still have the bites to itch...lovely.

We were told by many that we needed to kayak while in Kauai. So we did, and we would of been so sad had we not. We kayaked the Wailua River up to yet another trail. This trail was so mossy and green and it truly felt like we were in the jungle. Well I guess we were in the jungle. We hiked in our water shoes through thick mud, and on slick rocks. It was fun to hear the waterfall but not see it. I don't know how the tour guide knows where to go but he did.

Once we got to the 200 foot water fall which they call the Secret Falls we ate a yummy lunch provided by some locals we dove into the water. At first it was cold but after a second it was refreshing. We did go stand under the fall and that was kind of cool...( it hurt actually)

Here are some more fun things we did and saw. There is just too many pictures to choose from. ALOHA!

October 11, 2008


Aloha my friends, we are off to HAWAII!!!!
Have you ever been to Hawaii?
It's our first time going!!!!!