April 28, 2008


Well here is our newest addition to the family! She is great and we love her!!!
This is really for my sister who lives far and cant see our little steps....

April 13, 2008


Romney REALLY wanted to get away. So we packed up and headed up to Zion National Park to do a little camping. We had a great time! There are lots of waterfalls and little streams everywhere from the snow melting. The trees were beginning to bloom. I absolutely enjoyed this trip. I loved the trails we hiked, the mountains, the weather, and of course my hiking partner. It was so great being outdoors taking in good ol' Mother Nature. We're ready to do this again...very soon actually.

April 9, 2008

Were Engaged!

April 10th 2003...Crazy to think five years ago we got engaged!!!! Here we are after midnight so excited!! My parents were waiting up for us. I called my sister and woke her up to share the news! It was such an exciting night! Dont you remember that feeling too? Romney was a sly little one. I was in Texas for 10 days watching my brothers kids. while I was gone Romney was getting things ready to go. He designed my ring, got it made, and had a chat with my dad. When I flew back my dad was supposed to pick me up from the airport...he did not, Rom did. Rather than take me home we went to Griffeth Park the place where we had a great conversation and really started to like each other. There were roses and candles and of course dinner. He told me it was "happy 6 months" so that's what I thought. We layed down on a blanket and were looking at the stars and talking and out of nowhere Romney was on his knee asking me to marry him. WHAT??? I hugged and kissed him and he said "is that a yes?" I said YES!!! with several kisses to follow. So there is the very short version of our engagement. Five years ago I said yes to the perfect guy! (yes i have a neck and no Romney is not hurting me in this picture...incase you were wondering)