August 31, 2011

Cairns, Australia

It's pronounced CANS.
Cairns is kind of like our Hawaii.
The scene was fantastic
and their accent
is fun!

One day we walked through the ManGroves.
We were the only ones there and we could hear the mud bubbles popping throughout our walk. It sounded like someone was taking an ax to a tree or maybe even the echo of a hammer hitting nails.

Another day we drove up the coast.
This was our view as we made our way to....
...the CROC farm.
This stop was by far the coolest place.
We learned so much about this interesting creature. They are dangerous and scary and the Australian People take CROCs very seriously.

After the croc farm we walked through the rain forest. We stayed a little too long cause the sun went down and we (I) needed to run back to the car.
Bats were flying and frogs were jumping.

Our main reasons for Cairns was to SCUBA DIVE
the Great Barrier Reef.

We went down 60 feet.
The water was warm.
The water was so clear, we could see our boat from 60 feet under.

There were interesting things growing.
It wasn't as scary as I thought it was going to be.
I was terrified to do this. But I knew I would regret not doing it.
We did 3 dives and each one got better.
V e r y C o o l ! ! !
I was freaked out that some Great White Shark would come eat us. But we learned that the water there is too warm, and Great Whites live down in Southern Australia where it's colder.
Once we got down there I forgot I was even scared of sharks.

We had a great time in Cairns.
It was beautiful!

Now off to Fiji!