June 15, 2016

A Nine Month old Andie Girl

What is happening? 
Seriously, time is going so fast.
Andie is 9 months and I'm not even sure where the days are going! 
This age is so cute, so fun, and so busy.
Trying to capture her picture was and continues to be IMPOSSIBLE.
She just has a world to discover and doesn't have time to stop, look up and smile!

She is getting into her hutch and pulling out blankets.

She puts any and everything in her mouth.
You have to watch her like a hawk at all times.

She loves playing with the Black and Decker work bench.
She loves pulling down the drill press.

She insists that she feeds herself!
She isn't shy about dinner either!!
(she was loving her refried beans, avocado, watermelon and cottage cheese combo)

She is loving Magnus these days.

She is pulling herself up on everything and cruising along the furniture.

She pushes the basket of toys to get from the couch to the kitchen daily.

We pulled out the dog walker that she was going to get for her 1st birthday but she was ready now.
She loved it!

Little miss is a busy banshee.
She crawls everywhere and is quick!
She can stand up for a couple of seconds by herself.
She even took 2 steps!!!
She is slowly figuring out how to wave, it is not consistent but she is getting there.
She has one tooth-that was painful for all involved.
She can say dada, gaga, baba and babbles with all sorts of sounds.
She started using her pincer grasp and using her index finger to touch things.
She understands when I say "no no". (she stops what she is doing, smiles at me then goes right back to doing what I told her no to)
Miles is her favorite person.
She loves playing in the bath and splashing really hard.
She likes looking out the back door at the dog.
She gives wet open mouth kisses and leans in for a hug.
IF she isn't eating the corners she can turn the page of her books. 
She loves shredded cheese, avocados, pears, graham crackers and her puffs.
Andie keeps us on our toes, she has to be monitored all the time but is pure joy!
We love you Andie Girl!!