April 29, 2017

Joshua Tree

Camping season has begun! 
We were so excited to dust off the winnie, air up the tires, pack up, and get out of town.

We made our way to Joshua Tree National Park to try out desert camping.
I am a fan!
However, the park was packed.
It was first come, first serve and there was not an empty site anywhere!
So that night we found a campsite outside the park with full hookups- so that was kinda nice.

The next morning we went into the park and found...

Skull Rock.
It is perfect for kids!

We bouldered all afternoon.

Andie didn't want to be in the backpack for very long, so we let her loose and she LOVED it.

I took Andie back to the winnie so she could nap...
(I learned from this two hour nap we need to have some books in the motorhome so I have something to do while she's asleep)

The boys stayed out longer and climbed   a l l    d a y !

As soon as Romney and Miles got back to the motorhome, we needed to leave so we could find a place to camp and this little boy crashed fast!

We ended up camping on some BLM territory.
It was fantastic!

We had foil dinners
and peach cobbler for dessert.
(andies camping hair is amazing!)

This selfie makes my heart smile.
I love that Miles put his froggy and monster truck in the dangling sheets like a hammock to keep Romney company.

On our last day we were billy goats once more.

Andie was out of the backpack more than in.
She just wants to be out and do her thing!!

Romney is really good at letting her be independent and lets her try things that I'm too nervous about.
(like letting her climb these huge rocks and crawl beneath them.
My mama heart panicked she'd fall and hurt her little body.  However she insisted she only wear one sock and I was fine with it....see, I'm not holding her back)

Miles loved LOVED LOVED climbing.
We loved seeing him push himself and love seeing his confidence grow.

 These kids were troopers!

Thank you Romney for working so hard so that we can go play!
I appreciate you.

As soon as we packed up and hit the road for home, BOTH kids were out!

....and I actually got to sit up front with Rom.

April 20, 2017


I cannot imagine life without my brothers and sister.
I am so happy I have them.
We share all of our life memories together.
With that thought....
Words cannot express the joy I feel watching these two babes grow together.
It is so fun witnessing their sibling relationship developing right before my eyes.

Of course they bug each other...


 cuddle together...

 eat popsicles together...

go on fly hunts together...

 think of silly ways to watch movies together...

swing together...

they go get ice cream together...

they water planets together...

 and they do Disneyland together...

They love each other and I am so glad they have each other to grow up with.
One day they will realize they are friends.
One day will value one another the way I value my siblings.
In the meantime we'll continue to practice sharing and caring.

February 3, 2017

He's 5!

Five Facts about this five year old....
1) he loves all things repitile
2) he loves to wrestle his daddy
3) eats ketchup with everything
4) has discovered monster trucks
5) now that he is tall enough he can't get enough of Splash Mountain

Miles, my heart can't handle how fast time is going. 
I know there will come a time you will not ask me to lay with you for one minute when I tuck you in.  I know there will come a time you stop singing along with me "the first time ever I saw your face" when I tuck you in.
 I know there will come a time that you wont yell "I love you, goodnight" 100 times when we walk out of your room at night. 
I know one day you will stop sneaking into our bed in the middle of the night.
 I know someday you will realize your dogs name is Magnus, not Mamis
I know someday you will learn that it's "without" not "with about". 
I know someday you will not cling to our leg at drop off.  
I know someday a sticker chart isn't going to be enough for incentive. 
 I know someday Disney movies wont be the only thing you watch.
  I know that someday you wont think our mini van is thee coolest. 
 And I am already sad about all of it. 
I get a little sad every year you get older. 
But I am excited for who and what you will become. 
So I guess I have to let you get older.
Happy Birthday my boy.
We love you more than you will ever know.
We are so happy you came to us.
We wouldn't have it any other way.

 NOW.....onto blogging darling pictures....

 On January 24th, Miles woke up to a couple of balloons and a birthday crown to enjoy during his breakfast.
He had school that day so I just wanted him to feel special before he left for the morning.


After school he got to open his presents from us.
This is hard to see but we put a whoopee cushion under the chair and he thought it was the funniest thing.

and now he knows what a whoopee cushion is and LOVES IT!
What boy wouldn't?

He got a T Ball set so he can work on his coordination.

He thought his pin art was pretty cool. 


The next day we had a little birthday party for him.
He wanted a crocodile party.
Honestly this boy loves reptiles.

He told us he wanted to play party games.
So we asked him what games and he described hot potato, pin the tail on the donkey,  and a toss the bean bag.

We played hot potato using a stuffed crocodile.
We played "toss the frog in the croc mouth"
(the kids LOVED this game!)

 and pin the teeth on the croc!

After games we had a blue cake (croc water) topped with green frosting (croc grass) all of which was Miles idea.

However, I wouldn't recommend blue cake....it got everywhere!

He got to open presents and was so spoiled by his friends.

He loved every second of it.

 These are Miles buddies.
He has a special friendship with each one.
And I hope they will continue to be buddies as they grow up....
cause I really love their moms.

Happy Birthday Miles!!!