December 19, 2016

Australia Part III- The Harbours

Sydney is such a great city!
We walked from the train station down to the Harbour. 
The weather was perfect!

We found all sorts of things on the Harbour.

#1) the Sydney Bridge

#2) The Opera House

#3) Street performers

#4) GELATO!!!

#5) A super mad baby crying over the empty gelato cup...

and last but not least...
# 6) Stedman the didgeridoo man

We loved exploring the Harbour and eating fish and chips.
We didn't love the seagulls who ate my fish and chips.....

After a fun day on one harbour we went to the next....
Darling Harbour. 
It really is darling.

We sat and watched ...

...the fire entertainer.
( you better believe we went up to him after and I had him tell Miles not to play with fire)

One night we took the ferry at sunset to see how beautiful the city was on the water 

NO regrets.

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