December 26, 2012

10 months

Month 10 has brought so many smiles.

To start off his 10th month of life we went to St. George for Thanksgiving.
While on our visit, Miles only broke a custom made floor lamp.
Super sweet.
However, he got to see Zion National Park for the first time.
We hiked Emerald Pools and it was Awesome.

I swear, ever since thanksgiving, Miles is INTO EVERYTHING!
The second the dishwasher opens Miles is there to "help."
He pulls out the silverware and throws it on the ground.
He would climb in if I let him.

He cruises everywhere.
He gets into every cupboard.
He likes pulling out the hand towels, tupperware, cupcake liners, and pretty much whatever he sees.
(we have broken the glass measuring cups...I wasn't fast enough)
He has loved the entrance table and those silver coasters.

Magnus is still a hit.
Our friends little guy was over to play and Magnus wanted in on the action.
Magnus is being a good horse for Porter.
Miles is loving the outdoors,
Espeically his yellow car.
He likes being pushed around our trike track over and over and over.
He is starting to fuss when it's time to come in.

A new discovery is the shower.
Miles eyes are so goopy and crusty and we have found that the showers do wonders to clean those bad boys up.
The constant running water and steam seem to really get them clean so he can see better.
Poor fella.
Now when he hears the running water, he crawls over to the shower and waits to get in.
Such a sweetie.

Miles babbles and jabbers throughout the day.
However, he has said his first official word.
D O G . 
It sounds like DA or G (g sound)
He points to Magnus and repeats DA.
We're not surprised his first word is DOG.
It's adorable.

He is waving Hi and BYE.
No new teeth. We're still at 5.
He is starting to be a little more interested in Patty Cake.
It's hit or miss on HIGH FIVE ( Most of the time he gently touches your hand with his pointer).
He likes to stand and cruise on the furniture and walls
He is starting to really smile for other people, not just us at home.
We can ask him "where is the ball?" and he'll look for it and crawl to the ball.
He is starting to put things "away" when it's time to clean up (obviously i help him, but he is holding the object then letting go of it in the basket)
He has started intentionally sharing his food with the dog.
Discovered that toilet paper rolls.
Mastered climbing up the stairs
we kinda think he thinks his water is called UH OH.
(he always drops his water cup and says uh oh)

Here is Miles 10 month video of some darling babbling with an adorable wave.