December 30, 2009

a little late.....

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

Christmas morning is just such a fun thing. It never gets old. Even as an adult you wonder what is in each box that is wrapped up and you think because it has a bow on it...its the "big" present this year. It's just a fun morning! Santa was good to me this he is every year. He brought practical things that needed replacing and new fun gadgets that will make me a better cook and he brought thoughtful things one of which will allow me to talk with my sister in Chicago even more! Oh that Santa-he's a cute one! Now don't think Santa went home empty handed. He got a GPS which will hopefully direct him to the master bathroom to finish up that darn project! Of course he got new awesome tools to accomplish this minor remodeling task! See I'm thoughtful too...

Merry Christmas!

December 10, 2009

Third Wheel....

Well the season is here. We should have had our baby by now. Who really wants a December baby anyway? So instead of wallowing in sadness of what "could've/should've been" we played at Disneyland. And that is ALWAYS FUN

Though we didn't go alone. We brought along with us my nieces FLAT ANNALIESE inspired by the great childrens story FLAT STANLEY. She made her flat Annaliese with her Kindergarten class back in cold Chicago. Hopefully her flat went the farthest distance and did the coolest stuff out of all her class.

The three of us were able to see Mickey
Ride fun rides,

and walk down Main Street holding hands in front of the Christmas Tree.

SO, I am pretty sure
this totally makes us the coolest aunt and uncle ever....