November 25, 2007

A busy weekend!!!

MY MY MY what a busy weekend. We are so tired. However a lot of progress has been made. On Friday we textured all the walls and painted all the doors downstairs. While Romney textured the downstairs, I was upstairs preparing for texture and paint. I hate that blue tape!! On Saturday we went back and the texture was dry so we primed AGAIN! While the primer was drying we textured upstairs along with painting the baseboards and doors. Now all the upstair walls are ready for primer and the downstair walls are ready for paint!! I am so excited.

I am sanding off the excess texture before priming.

There was once a HOLE in the ceiling but Romney did a great job patching that up (yes we are repainting the ceiling). He put in some recessed lighting along that wall too. What a stud!

It really is making progress! ITs just primer but it looks better already!

The upstairs! Two things I want you to notice. One: look at all the bedroom colors...hello?(if you cant see the colors I did a post below just of the colors) Two: on the wall directly in front you may notice a BIG white rectangle on the wall; well that is because there was a bookcase there and the people did not want to move it while they went around it.

AHHH the bathroom. Im not a mom however, I bet there are other ways to make your child feel special than letting them paint a beach scene on the wall. This isn't the only painting on the wall either. There is a great butterfly downstairs too. One never knows....

A splash of color

One thing is for sure, the previous owners were not affraid of color!!!!

Master bedroom: Im not sure what color to call this. Its kinda pinkish orangeish brown!

bedroom 3:This blue is up there with smurf blue.

bedroom 2:This one isnt too bad, just a tan.

bedroom 1:This spring green was brought to a whole new level. WOW its bright!

November 15, 2007

What a mess!

Wow the projects keep coming. The money keeps going. We have made alot of progress though. We have primed all the walls down stairs, the holes are patched, the cabinets are sanded, and the baseboards are pulled off. We are so close to painting the rooms. Hopefully by next week we can start the painting. We just have a few more little things to get done.

Handy man indeed. Romney is up in the attic fixing the house fan...I have never heard of one until now. Apparently we have one and its supposed to be really cool.

The kitchen prep is almost done! We have taken off the cabinet doors and sanded them down. Yes I did the sanding...very messy. Romney took out the fluorescent lights and put in the recessed lighting above. Go Romney!!!

It already looks so much better with the cabinets that were hanging above the counter GONE!!! It has opened it up so much.

The dreaded doggy door.....gone!!!! patched that puppy pun intended

November 4, 2007

I too have been tagged!

Six interesting facts about me? Um well I have facts I'm not sure they are interesting.

1. I love watching romantic comedy movies! Not only watch them but re watch them over and over and over. If they make me laugh and I quote them I'll watch them 100 times. i.e. how to loose a guy in 10 days---so funny! My best friends wedding--classic. Return to Me--can those old men get any better?

2. Having been told by many: I have a potty mouth when I'm drugged up for surgery(which I have had 8). It doesn't matter if the bishop calls to check up on me, apparently I still swear. Whoops. I always wanted to be a sailor.

3. I love falling asleep to the sound of cars driving by in the distance. Its not super busy at night, but the occasional late driver, aughhhhh I love it.

4. I am terrified of Earthquakes!! Living in California does not help the situation.

5. I'm not a picky eater except for CHICKEN POT PIE! I can not stand chicken pot pie. The crust is so gross to me, so yes that includes me not liking Pie either.

6. My first job was at Sportmart. That's right Sportmart I was 19 (It was a summer job...what?) I never once spoke on the intercom to announce that we were closing except for my last night. SO I picked up the phone and said "attention WALMART shoppers the time is now 9;45 we will be closing in 15 min." Um I'm pretty sure I work at sportmart not Walmart...I was embarrassed.