August 20, 2014

Pool Time

We are loving our new pool!
The backyard is not an oasis yet....but come fall green grass is coming in!
But, that is besides the point,
the point is  WE HAVE A POOL and we LOVE IT!

The hot sun is making the water warmer and warmer everyday.
It's so nice.
Miles loves to jump in from the highest point possible,
he's kicking those legs to get where he wants to go,
and he's great at blowing bubbles in the water.
He'll be totally ready for swim lessons next summer. we just need to get the hot tub working....
(apparently the two broken parts have come in and  now were waiting for them to be installed)

August 16, 2014

Dont Mess With Texas Part II

We made it to St. George!
The second we pulled into grandma and grandpas house
Miles and Beckett were playing "dogs"

...and "quick here are your batteries" game...???
( i have no clue) 

they played hide and seek....

... sat together to watch movies ...

... doggie doors were discovered ...

... kiddy pools were used ...

... A L O T ...

Maggie, Beckett and Miles kept saying
"riding on a pool, riding on a pool..
OOPS! We fall in!!"

They thought that was thee funniest game ever. 

... Color bathes were taken every night ...

... Restaurants were attended ...

...Selfies were taken
with our Texas babes...

...flags were waved for the Pioneer Day parade...

...and BIG floppy hats were worn!...


Miles had so much fun playing with his cousins.
 I had so much fun shopping with my sister in law and
staying up late laughing with my brother!
I love spending time at my parents house.
I'm always so sad to leave.
We missed having our daddy with us this trip...
(but someone needs to pay for them, right?)
Lets play again real soon Texas.
We love you, thank you for making the trip. 

August 11, 2014

Dont Mess With Texas Part I

Summer vacations are thee best.
I love that the Texas Crew came to town.
We had a blast with them.
Many late nights, many laughs and many adventures took place!
It was fun to have them in our new house.
Please come again Texas, we miss you already.

We took advantage of the swimming pool with our cousins.

We went to Sea World and it was impossible to get these little boys to cooperate at the same time. 

So we told them to be a shark and Beckett swam away. Ha.

We had an AWESOME day in Oak Glen. 
We had yummy sandwiches at an apple orchard farm.

Miles LOVED sitting with Beckett and laughing with him.

After lunch we went out and sat on the grass and just visited while the kids ran around.

They played hide and seek... 

Ring around the rosie and held hands running!

(Beckett and Miles are 15 months apart and Beckett is about 5 feet taller)

After a great day in Oak Glen with perfect weather we went to the beach....
with not so perfect weather!
It was over cast, chilly and rainy.
But that didn't stop the kids from playing in the ocean AT ALL. 

Romney was a trooper playing in the cold water.
He and Miles ran from the crashing waves.

I don't know who was having more fun. 

We built sand castles...

...and drank lemonade...

We tried to get a cousin shot
(we missed you ali)

...but Miles wasn't havin it!... 

As we were packing up for another fun week together in Utah, 
Uncle Byron was giving Miles a magic show....
(Byron- he wants to do magic every day now! He blows in his hand and yet the quarter is still there)

Were off to St. George!

August 9, 2014

Getting Settled

People keep asking if we are settled in our new home.....

  Boxes are still in the hall way, nothing is on the walls, TVs are not mounted,
and the iron and printer cords still haven't been found. 

 Yesterday someone asked again if we were settled in, so I asked
"what does that even mean?"
She said "if your kitchen is up and running-- you are settled"
Oh- well in that case... 
YES we are!



Home Improvement:
When we bought the house I wasn't crazy about the granite. 
The kitchen was too orange and red for me.
So we laid out paint swatches on the counter top to match the grays and browns in the granite in hopes we could pull out those colors rather than the red. 
Changing the paint color and painting the cupboards have done wonders!