June 15, 2014

"that man" who became a daddy...

It had been a very long day the night that we brought Miles home from the hospital. 
Romney and I hadn't eaten all day.
Literally, ALL DAY.
Romney dropped Miles and I off, got us settled, and he went back out to get dinner for us.
When Romney left, Miles started to wake up and began to cry.
I walked over to pick him up and out of my mouth came:
"don't be sad baby, THAT MAN is coming back."
I referred to Romney as "THAT MAN" for several of days...

It was such a whirlwind of emotions, and complete chaos the first 2.5 weeks that Romney and I had never been alone with Miles.
Not once.
No lie!

I remember finally being alone with Miles, just the three of us... on week 3.
I was laying on the bed looking down on the floor where Romney was sitting against the bed holding our baby.
We sat quietly, just starring at him.
In that exact moment
THAT MAN became a DADDY.

Romney is a daddy that has a soft heart for his boy.

He is a daddy that always has a shadow.

He is a daddy that plays.

He is a daddy who doesn't get frustrated...
 even when a 2 year old is in need of a nap and wont keep his shoes on
while looking at carpet in a hole in the wall carpet store

He is a daddy that will catch his boy over and over. 

He is a daddy that teaches. 

He is a daddy that can multitask...
 (like teach my preschool kids fire safety and entertain a baby)

He is a daddy that will play catch anywhere.

He is a daddy that will play hide and seek 100 times in a row.

He is a daddy that encourages creativity.

He is a daddy who gives shoulder rides.

He is a daddy that tickles.

He is a daddy that offers to mow the lawn with his baby so mom can have a break inside.

He is a daddy that tells his boy he loves him everyday!

Happy Fathers Day Romney!
You are such a great daddy to Miles.
It is so fun to watch you boys play, run around and hang out together.
Miles adores you and I can't think of a better example for him to follow!