July 19, 2009

one year older

....and wiser too....
It has happened I had another birthday. I'm officially 28 as of the 16th and how much I have changed, don't you think?

Birthdays are highly anticipated as a child, we count down days and we invite friends to our parties and tell everyone about it. At what point do we loose the excitement? I know I'm still a youngin but excitement was out the window for sure this year. 28 really? I'm in my late twenties, what just happened here? I know that the older we get the more experiences we have and more opportunities come up in our lives (i.e. going to Europe). I love telling people that I've been married for almost 6 years but in order to say that and do these things I have to age too. So I guess having a birthday isn't the worst? Good things come with each year, right? So I proudly wear my birthday button to let everyone know its my birfday!!!

well... it was my birfday