December 11, 2014

Disneyland with Daddy

Last week we finally made it to Disneyland with Daddy.
It's been so busy and usually Miles and I go with our friends while Romney is at work.
Miles always asks if Daddy can come too and finally Daddy said YES he was coming.
He was so happy.

It was thee perfect day.
We drove right in and got parking.
We walked right on the tram.
Where was everyone?
I don't know, but it was such a great day to be there.

We saw Donald Duck dressed up cozy warm for winter.

We went on the all time favorite ride at the moment:
Small World.

Miles literally screamed "LOOK" the whole 15 minute ride.
It makes the all the chaos of getting there worth it.

We went and checked out the winter wonderland
where Miles played some "reindeer games"

We found Peter Pan.
(Probably the best peter pan ever. 
He totally worked with Miles shy personality and talked all about TickToc Croc which made Miles SUPER happy)

We went over to California Adventures to walk through Cars Land and there was no line for the 
tire ride. Miles was tall enough and we had a blast on that live size hoovering air hockey ride.

While we were eatting ice cream we saw Mickey Mouse and needed to go say Hello.

We also saw Santa where Miles said he wanted a present.
Just a present.
(that'll be easy)
We had such a great day.
It really is the Happiest Place on Earth.

December 6, 2014

Christmas Tree on Black Friday

Thanksgiving morning was filled with football and putting up the tree before we left for dinner. 
I wanted this part done so it would be ready for decorating on Black Friday. 

Miles was pretty excited to see the tree come to life. 
He wanted to be in the action and help with anything and everything.

Miles is really into helping with EVERYTHING right now.
Or....he demands "I can do it myself!"
But any excuse to be on a ladder with daddy...he'll take it!

The next day (black friday) Miles and I started to haul out Thanksgiving decorations and brought in Christmas.
He loved putting up the ornaments!

He even said to himself
"I'm really good at this" as he was hanging them up!
It was crackin me up.

As we were decorating our tree, we got a phone call from daddy saying that he was stationed for the day at a big Downtown Lighting Ceremony where he works and wanted us to come out for it.

So Miles and I quickly cleaned up and drove out to see our dad.

It only took us 40 minutes to get off the freeway exit and 45 minutes to find parking.
So we missed the firework show....
Thats okay though, Romney had to be on roof and we wouldn't have been able to see him anyway.
 After the fireworks the city turns on the millions of Christmas lights and the night begins.
It was crazy, there were so many people.
Miles and I made our way looking at the lights and found our dad!

It really was a unexpected fun night.

 Miles asked so many questions, pointed at so many things, and begged for dinner.

So we said bye to daddy, bought a cheesy light up toy (that broke in the car), and grabbed some dinner.

That was a fun Black Friday....and I didn't even go out shopping!

November 21, 2014

The Windy City

Before I start this post, I need to say that my heart is so heavy.
My phone took a nice dip in the toilet and it pains me to know of all the pictures that may not be recoverable.
My phone is still in rice....and NO, I didn't have my phone set up on the icloud. 
I know, I know.
So the following pictures are the ones that I texted to Romney and my parents throughout our 11 day stay in Chicago.
I am so glad that I have at least these from our trip.
But, I am enjoying my new phone!

The day after Halloween, Miles and I flew to Chicago to visit my sister and her girls while her husband was away for a week.

The girls were so sweet to Miles the entire time!
Avrie shared her Halloween candy with Miles with zero hesitation.

He missed his cousins while they were are school.
As soon as we picked up the girls, I wouldn't see him the rest of the day.
He even wanted to do homework with them.
Cutie Addy girl made a little worksheet for him too.

The second we walked in the door they would play with him.

He got to do things that he can't do in California..... play in a pile of leaves and throw them....

While the girls were in school he stayed home with baby Althea.
He wasnt totally sold on the whole baby Althea thing. 
He was 50/50.
Sometimes he was sweet and would share and sometimes he tolerated her and sometimes he wasn't having it!!
He really does need a, NOW.

But when he decided she wasn't so bad.... 


 .... they were cute together.

He got to play "run away horsey" every night.

He played down in the basement each and every day,

and picked up some guitar playing skills while down there too.

We went back to the awesome Field Museum where we saw lots of fun animals.

The kids were over the moon excited when their dad/uncle came back from Barcelona. 
They all lined up super hyper awaiting their presents he brought back.

The day before we left, I was sitting on the couch talking to my sister and could see the kids out of the window. 
My heart just melted.

These two love each other!
Their age gap is big, but I hope as Avrie gets older she remembers their little friendship and she'll still take him under her wing.
  (we later found out Avrie had snails in her hand, and they were talking about them...hahahaha)

And without fail, he was knocked out every night!

I wish we lived closer sister!
I wish our kids could play all the time.
I wish my phone didn't drop in your toilet.
I wish time could stand still sometimes.
I love you, thanks for having us.

October 26, 2014

Passes are Renewed!!

Ahhhhhhh, it feels so good to be back! 
We have missed you Disneyland.

Miles wanted to see Mickey and we got that checked off our bucket list within 2 minutes of walking in. 

He also wanted to ride a horse....but totally freaked out!
Apparently we haven't done the carousal in a while and he forgot.....
Because once the ride started he was happy.

Small world is always a favorite! 
Miles sings "its a small world after all" around the house a lot.
He kinda gets confused and says "can we go on sea world?"
It's super cute.

After dinner we headed over to California Adventure.
We went with my friend Katie and her kids and her sister Deanna.
Katies hubby is an artist for Disney so they get to join us whenever they want--for free.
Those kids have it good!

Miles and Jane loved holding hands and running up and down the sidewalk.


Glad we brought jammies cause he was OUT before we left the park.

He has been asking to go back everyday.
Sweet kid.

September 12, 2014

Sequoia National Forest part I

Over Laber Day weekend we went camping up in the Sequoias with some friends.
3 days, 3 nights in the middle of nowhere!
No running water, no electricity allowed, and tents only.
There were toilets...well, a hole in the floor with a canister over it.
I was super super paranoid about bears.
It is bear country after all.
BUT....we live to tell the tale and happy to announce that the only thing we saw were cows and one mouse.

I'm not sure how to break up the trip to blog about.
We have so many fun pictures.
So...we'll start with food cause every thing fun revolves around food.

Our campfood menu was SO YUMMY!
From breakfast to dessert....all of it-so good.

Making smores with Miles was fun.
He loved cooking the marshmallows.

Romney was quite the dutchoven man.
You can NEVER go wrong with Mountain Man Breakfast.

While we waited for the fire in the mornings we drank hot coco.

I'd say the little guy liked it!

More to come!
More to come!

August 20, 2014

Pool Time

We are loving our new pool!
The backyard is not an oasis yet....but come fall green grass is coming in!
But, that is besides the point,
the point is  WE HAVE A POOL and we LOVE IT!

The hot sun is making the water warmer and warmer everyday.
It's so nice.
Miles loves to jump in from the highest point possible,
he's kicking those legs to get where he wants to go,
and he's great at blowing bubbles in the water.
He'll be totally ready for swim lessons next summer. we just need to get the hot tub working....
(apparently the two broken parts have come in and  now were waiting for them to be installed)