October 20, 2010

new arrival....

Introducing our Great Dane: MAGNUS

and he's ADORABLE!

October 15, 2010

The Amazing Race!

We had a few fellow Amazing Race family lovers over for FHE the other night.
We really did get a lesson in before the chaos.
Post lesson was the DRAFT!
That's right, you heard it right!!!

Everyone pretty much liked their first pick....
The second pick???? Not so much
Some got lucky some did not!

(Thanks Scott for being our Vanna White)

These are the teams!!

Williamsons: Nick and Vicki (tattoos)
Thomas and Jill (cute dating )

Ellsworths: Brooke and Claire (watermelon in face girls)
Chad and Stephanie (tinkerbell and jerk)

Beaulieus: Connor and Jonathan (singers)
Nat and Kat (doctors)

Bagleys: Katie and Rachel (volleyball girls)
Gary and Mallory (beauty pageant girl)

Who are you voting for???

October 10, 2010

Renzo the Police Dog

(sorry for the small picture)

This is my brother Derek.
He is a police officer.
My brother is a giant.
He is 6 foot 6 inches.
With that height comes a giant personality.
He can make anyone laugh. He is so funny and can make any situation fun.
With a giant personality comes a giant heart too. And his giant heart aches today.
My brothers K-9 police dog, his partner, his buddy died last week.
Renzo became suddenly ill with the major heat wave we had here in Southern California.
Renzo was a good police dog!
He had 15 bites and $50K in drugs seized.
Renzo protected my brother and has saved his life more than once.
Renzo loved my brother and loved his family.
Renzo had one more year to work in the field before he would have to retire, but he didn't quite make it.
My brother loved Renzo, and his giant heart is having a hard time getting over this one.
And I don't blame him, it was his dog, partner and friend.
Derek I love you,
and I'm sorry I never would pet Renzo...I was just too scared.

click here to see a video Dereks friend made for him.

October 3, 2010


Fall is here! Fall is here!
Though our air conditioner is on, it's still that time of year!!!

Now can we please talk about how fantastically ugly my Halloween lamp is?
Awesome find!
Awesome clearance!
Awesome hubby who had to fix thee awesome clearanced find!