December 5, 2016

You Better Belize it....

 Romney and I had the best vacation in Belize with our good friends.
We headed down with Heather and Jason first.
We stayed in Belize city for the night while we waited for Rachel and Jake to join us.
Once they got in we went to San Ignacio.

We literally stumbled upon this tiny village called El Progresso where we ended up ziplining.
This village was in the middle of no where but we saw a sign for jacks zipline so we decided to check it out.
It was so fun.
We did several zip lines, repelled, rope climbed, bridge walked and ziplined face first like super man! 

 The views were beautiful and the weather was perfect!


After an awesome day we had a yummy dinner at the infamous Han Nahs.

 We knew this trip was going to be full of adventure.....
Crossing the boarder into Guatemala and driving to Tikal was nothing short of an adventure. 
It was so beautiful.
We LOVED learning about the ancient ruins and temples.
It was so fascinating learning about the Indians and their traditions.

 We got to climb up one particular temple to the very top.
It was breath taking.
No, really. 
It was exhausting!
 We all were huffing and puffing and drinking water as fast as we could. 
But the view was worth it.
The sky was blue, the clouds were fluffy and the tree tops were bright green.
You could see a few temples popping out of the jungle.
We'd do this again in a heart beat!

 Our adventures didnt stop there, the next day we went to the ATM caves.
This is easily one of my top 5 life experiences. 
We were not allowed to take pictures in the caves so I don't have anything to show for it.
But we were able to take a couple of pictures before we went in.

We had to cross this river first, but then I had to put my phone away in my waterproof fanny pack (yes, fanny pack) and start swimming in neck deep water to get to the cave.
Once we got to the cave, we jumped in crystal clear water and started the tour.
Sometimes we were walking ankle deep and sometimes we were kneed deep and sometimes we were full on swimming to get through the cave.
There were Indian artifacts and even fully preserved skeletons from human sacrifice in this cave.
It was so rad!

 It was so great that my glasses broke!

After a few days in San Ignacio we took fairy to San Pedro.
 We loved our little condo that we rented.
It was right on the water and the view never got old.

 We went out to the reef and to Shark Ray Alley to go snorkeling.


It took me a minute to join Romney because it is against everything in me to willingly  jump in with sharks.

 But I finally got in and survived.


Heather is a fun snorkeling gal!

That night we kayaked in the keys.

We started the next morning with a delicious breakfast on the water.

On the last day I finally had the courage to drive the golf cart.
Everyone drives these on the island and they are crazy!
We laughed every bump we flew over.


For our last adventure we went fishing.
We had so much fun.

Everyone caught fish
I think there was 15-16 total.
(rom even caught a couple sharks)

We got our fish filleted at the dock and we made an amazing dinner back at the condo that night.

 This trip was nothing short of amazing!
We had a fun adventure everyday for 6 days straight!
We love our friends and are so grateful we had the chance to travel with them.
 Hilarious memories were made,
"you had to be there" and inside jokes happened.

Getting on the fairy was hard.
We had been planning this trip for months and now we had to say goodbye.
We loved this vacation.
It was truly an unexpected highlight.
I'd recommend this place to anybody.

Good bye Belize, you were delightful.
(now get us to our babies stat)

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