March 6, 2016

They were worth it!

I recently got a email from an old college friend asking for some advice on infertility.
It completely caught me off guard and for once in my life I didn't have anything to say.   
Yes, infertility was a part of my life but that isnt something I ever think about anymore.
I didn't email her back for a couple of days because I didn't have advice anymore.
I tried to think about how I felt at that time when I was sad and frustrated, but I really couldn't.
That just feels like so long ago. 
But what I do remember is the yearning for a family.
I remember begging Heavenly Father in prayer for a baby.
Literally begging.

And look 5 years later....

I have a family.
I have two babies.
I have love.
I have laughter.
I have joy.
I have dog piles.

 I have exactly what I asked for.
all of the infertility was worth it! 
It led me to my babies.
They were the plan all along!
Watching these two form a relationship right in front of my eyes is worth it!