January 28, 2015

Merry Christmas

Christmas was just so fun this year.
Miles loved all the Christmas lights, the tree, the music, Santa, hot chocolate and of course....PRESENTS.

 Chrismas Eve was spent at our friends house for a yummy dinner.
Romney had to work so we played with our buddies and came home to a little present addressed to Miles.

...inside the box were SANTA JAMMIES and new SLIPPERS that he could wear that night...

...we put cookies out for Santa... 
and went to bed!

On Christmas morning Miles came in to my room as usual where we hung out...

...and cuddled until Daddy came home from work.

Once daddy finally made it home we went out to the living room to discover that Santa had come and our stockings were full of surprises!

Miles was LOVING the orange slime Romney is holding and all the "toot" noises it can make.
He thought that was HILARIOUS!

Every present Miles opened, he'd say
"what's it gonna be?"
then he would gasp in a little air with excitement.

...he'd take a little time to play with each gift...

After an very full morning we all took a good nap together...

...and woke up to play with the new toys all over again!!!

This was our favorite Christmas to date!
We watched our son enjoy the morning!
We were not in any rush to be at anyones house at any specific time.
We all got naps in (thats a win win)
Romney and I surprised each other with awesome gifts.
We are truly blessed to have had a wonderful Christmas.
We had a warm home to be comfortable in, full bellies from a yummy breakfast, a messy living room from opened gifts, ears that could hear beautiful music playing, love that was shared in our family and knowledge that Jesus is the Christ.

 ...even if it's a month late...

January 19, 2015

Counting down for Christmas

Life is finally settling down from the holidays and I can sit here and blog.
(however our tree may or may not still be up)
So be aware the next couple posts will be Christmas!
You've been warned.

The countdown for Christmas was very fun this year.
We have a darling wooden house as our advent calendar with the cutest little doors and knobs.
Every day Miles would go to the "Christmas house" and we would count to whatever door needed to be opened.

Behind each door was a piece of paper that Miles would unfold and "read" what it said.
It was something fun that we got to do that day.

 Some of the activities we did were just going to the local Christmas Parade and eat candy...

Or have friends over for a Christmas craft...
Or a fun Disneyland day with friends...
and make brownies...

We learned how to use scissors and made the sweetest....

We went to the Christmas festival and sled on a tiny hill that you could hear Miles giggling all the way down...

and one of the count down days was to just wrap daddys presents.
(there is no turning back now that he knows how to use scissors)

It was so fun.
Miles loved it.
We loved it.
We got Hot Coco and drove around to look at lights, we cuddled and watched movies, we took goodies out to people, we played with play dough. 
It was so fun for our family.
Such a fun way to count down to Christmas!