April 20, 2016

Indian Canyons

We have had quite a bit of rain here in Southern California.
We're still in a drought BUT we have been getting some rain.
And with lots of consecutive rainy days there isn't much we can do OUTSIDE.
So one day we decided to chase some sunshine and head to Palm Springs!

We went with some friends to the Indian Canyons and did a little hike around an oasis.

This was Miles first hike with his own camel pack.
He called it a "water back pack"

He seriously loved that thing!

And so did we....it was the first hike he walked thee entire time without complaining or asking to be held!

Once we got out of the hot dessert sun and reached the oasis, Miles rolled up his pant legs and started tromping through the water. 

Miles and Tyson are great friends and they stayed so busy running around, and throwing rocks.

Andie slept in the back pack the first half of the hike.

We love the Tangs and love this picture of everyone....
except Andie who is still sleeping.

The boys kept playing

And were so happy to be out and getting dirty.

While the kids played and ran up and down big rocks we sat and visited.
Andie woke up and was kind of miserable.
Her eyes were watering, her nose was runny, and the palm springs wind was in full swing.

BUT everyone really did have a great day!

And we can't wait to go on our next hike!
In fact...Miles keeps using his water back pack everyday!

( I just love my little family)

April 3, 2016

A 7 month old Andie Girl

This baby girl is 7 months and the days keep going faster and faster.
Andie is a happy baby.
I can't stop saying that.
Yes, we have moments, but over all she is a ham.

She is sitting and crawling ...
sometimes she crawls correctly and sometimes she drags her legs behind allowing her arms to do all the work.
She is trying to get into the sitting position from crawling but gets stuck laying on her side.

She is starting to hold her own bottle.

Puffs and yogurt melts have been introduced!
She loves them!!!!
She uses her whole hand and somehow grabs those tiny things and gets them into her mouth.

And since were doing good with puffs, we started crackers.
(time to stock up on crackers again)

She is starting to make little messes

she is leaving the nest to go explore

She had her first Goofy experience and loved every second of it.
She laughed and laughed.


She loves peas, sweet potatoes, and bananas.
She is really good at drinking from straws. 
When we clap she is beginning to slap her hands up and down on her lap.
She still kicks those legs N O N  S T O P (its my favorite)
She has a great laugh.
She yells AHHHH and GAAAAAA.
Her raspberries are on a whole new level of intensity.
She is starting to respond to her name a little.
She puts everything in her mouth.
She still isn't sleeping through the night--But she just eats and goes back to sleep...but still were tired around here. 
She has survived her first ear infection 
Andie you have made the last 7 months fun.
We love you so.

April 2, 2016

Texas Ya'll part I

Having a brother live in Texas is no fun.
Having your best friends move to Texas is no fun either.
BUT at least we can fly and kill two birds with one stone.
And that is what we did.

Both kids did so good.
They both took naps.
They both were entertained with books, snacks and toys.
(the ipad was never needed. I do love that it's not NEEDED to survive)

Miles and the Stubbs kids picked up right where they left off.
Their whole family treat Miles as if he were theirs and fits right in.
They immediately got in grubby clothes and went to the creek to fish.
We have some pretty special friends.

When the kids got back they wanted to go swimming.
The water was f r e e z i n g but they still got in anyway.
Miles only put his feet in....
He's no fool.

We went to dinner and enjoyed a Texas BBQ.

We headed to Dallas for the late afternoon 

The kids played around the park for a little and pretended to be cowboys...
except for Kade....
He doesn't need to pretend...
He's a cowboy now. 


After the park we ran into the Dallas Art Museum to just quickly use the bathrooms.
And then we saw GEORGE W. BUSH!
He saw him go into an exhibit so we just sat outside the exit and waited for him to come out.
I knew I wanted to shake his hand and tell him thank you for keeping us safe but I totally froze and was so star struck.
Instead, I hugged his wife and told her she was beautiful and told him "thank you for approving the adoption act"
he smiled at me and said "it was an act of love"
Andie was ready for a bottle but someday she'll love this story.

After meeting our friends George and Laura we left the museum pretty pumped up and found the food trucks.
While we waited for our AWESOME grilled cheese sandwiches Cowboy Kade was teaching Miles all the cowboy ways.

They got in one more fishing day

I love that my boys had so much fun together doing "boy stuff."

While the boys fished Amy and I stayed home with the babies.
Andie and Blake were happy to be reunited too.

 It is shameful the amount of gross goodness we partook of at night while playing games.


But that is how we do games.
 Always have, always will.
We love the Stubbs and miss them so much.
(off to my brothers house next...)

Texas Ya'll part II

After a great time with the Stubbs we all drove 2 hours to my brothers house.
They all went straight for the lake in front of their house to fish.
Miles had the only catch of the day. 
Go Miles...my little fisherman.

Byron took the kids on the paddle boat and they all loved it.
After a few hours the Stubbs went back home so we could visit with my family for a few days.

This was Byrons first time meeting Andie.
They were both sweet.

We went to the local zoo.
It's a darling zoo.
Its small but has all the animals that kids love to see.
you know, some elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, rhinos, penguins, alligators...etc...

It was pretty cool to watch the Lion and Lioness together.

And then of course Miles cold turned to fever and then elevated to croup.
This poor boy and his lungs.
 We have to pack his nebulizer "just incase" and this is exactly why.
I know this is something they grow out of but man can we be done?
Its been a rough winter for him.

I felt bad because Miles was pretty tired and whiney. 
But we were in Texas and with his cousins!!!
But everyone was sweet to him and let him rest and after a couple days he started perking up.

We spotted a few deer in the yard and Aunt Tammy is showing Miles where to look.

The swing set was used when dressed in clothes....

...and in jammies....

We went to a yummy lunch where we then had to say goodbye 


and watched Miles and Beckett awkwardly hug.

We loved our stay.
We loved our view.
We loved the late night games and laughter.
We loved every second of being with my brother and his family.
Summer cant come fast enough.
We can't wait to play with you then.

April 1, 2016

St. George again

The kids, Magnus, and I went to St. George for a week while Romney attended a class for work in Las Vegas.
I do have good travelers.
With only one blowout...I'd say we did awesome!

Every night we'd call daddy and send him cute pictures of our babes.

Miles got to go fishing for the first time with my dad.
I was so excited for him to have this experience with his grandpa.
 I got his car seat in, told him to be a good boy and to listen to grandpa and I took his sweet picture.
(that face melts my heart)

They ended up catching 6 fish!

We were so excited for the week to come to an end!
Romney finally was on his way to join the party.

We climbed the red rock
Andie loved being outside but hates being confined in that wrap!!! 

After many long days we both fell asleep in grandma chair.

Andie learned to sit up on this trip!

We went to Snow Canyon.
We will always go.
It's a must!
I honestly NEVER get tired of that view. 
It is beautiful!

And Surprise, Alison and her family flew out to join the party too.
I knew about the surprise but my parents did not.
It was so fun to see their reaction! 

The kids were billy goats climbing all over the rocks.
I hate that we live SO far from this family.
Literally you can't get us any farther apart on the US map.
I am just grateful for FaceTime.

Now that these two are finally in the same stages of life they are friends.
They are sweet.

We went to the wildlife Museum.
For a small town like St. George, I was really impressed....

 ...and apparently so was Miles....

 they did puzzles and read books in the childrens play area

while we sat and fawned over Andie.

And of course we stopped by Great Harvest to pick up yummy bread on our way outta town!
Good Bye S.G. we'll be back!