March 12, 2015

Potty Trained!!!

Why did I wait so long?
I was dreading Potty Training...
and for what?
It was so easy!

A couple days before Miles turned 3 we kept telling him
 "when you turn 3 you're gonna go potty on the toilet"
The toilet was nothing new for him. 
We've been putting him on the potty every night before baths for a long time.
So I'm sure that helped potty training go so smoothly.

He really struggled with doing his business at first. 
He was super freaked out!
Sooooooo....he didnt go for a couple days.
Which was no fun for any of us.
We sat there FOREVER, we read books, we sang, etc...
He cried, screamed and hated it!
But finally he went!
He discovered it wasn't scary.
And he discovered he got 2 M&Ms and a fiber gummy when he went.

And now... he's a pro at it all.
He flushes the toilet like a pro too.
(Since we started potty training in January he only had one pee accident and 2 yucky accidents...Go Miles)

We don't need stickers anymore, we don't need M&Ms anymore.
It only took him a couple days to get it.
Why did I wait soooo long?
It's so nice to not buy diapers for him anymore.
He loves wearing his "big boy underwear."

Now if he can just pull down and pull up his clothes on his own that'd be great.
Time to bust out the treats for some additional training.

March 8, 2015

Disney Days

The sad day has come that Miles no longer gets into Disneyland for free. 
But it is totally worth it for him to have his own pass.
Miles thinks he's pretty cool when he hands his pass over to the ticket counter to get in.

Romney has been working a TON lately, therefore Miles and I have been going to Disneyland a TON lately.
It helps the time pass for us when daddy is gone.
But it's been lots of fun because we've been going with so many friends.

Miles and Porter love each other. 
They have been buddies since the beginning of time.
They talk about each other and always want to play together.
We all love going on SMALL WORLD.
Its kind of an obsession at our house. 
Miles sings it all.the.time.
 He wants me to sing it all.the.time.

Sometimes we take Elise with us because she isn't 3 she is still free.
Miles and Elise are very sweet friends.
They are gentle towards one another and never fight.
I can't even handle that her family is moving to Texas this summer.
It would be a dream if these two got married.
Just sayin.

...More the merrier....

...These little monkeys can play on the beads in Carsland all day.

One afternoon when we were just getting into the park Miles said he wanted to see Pluto.
and BAM there was Pluto.
(that was easy)

On our last visit, there was nobody at Disneyland.
There were no lines, and we were able to ride so many rides that we normally don't get to because we don't want to wait for hours.

We got to ride Dumbo and only waited 12 minutes!
12 minutes!!!
If you know Dumbo then you know that is record breaking!!!

We got to do Finding Nemo.
15 minute wait.
This was Miles first time riding it.
He loved it!
He kept saying "we're in the sea."

Another first was Autopia.
He got to drive!
It was hilarious!
We were all over the map but we both laughed out loud as our heads whipped in all directions. 

Jane is so sweet to Miles.
She just turned 5 but totally dives into Miles 3 year old mind.
I appreciate her.

We went on Little Mermaid and decided it was time to go home.
These two pictures were literally taken 10 minutes apart.
He was OUT!
We've been spoiled this past month with good weather and good friends. 
Miles is loving Disneyland more and more the older he gets. 
We'll most likely be there this up coming week again.
 Anyone want to join?