December 31, 2013

2013 ReCap

With just a little left of the new year I thought I give
some of MY favorites, frustrations and loves of 2013:

Best Movie: Catching Fire 

Top 3 Songs: Rihana "Stay", Philip Phillips "Home" and Mumford & Sons "Awake my Soul"

Favorite shows I finally watch: New Girl and The Mindy Project

Cooked a lot from: Pioneer Woman

Funniest moment I think about often: My brother in law carrying 4 melting ice cream cones through Fenway Park during a horrible heat wave. 

"DANG IT" moment: My speeding ticket....( I haven't been pulled over since I was 19)

New fan of:  Carrot Chips, Duck Dynasty and Amazon Prime.

I over ate: Cuties

Favorite Cleaning Product: All Purpose Windex

BitterSweet: My Last day of Preschool.

Saddest Thing: Selling our House

MOST frustrating: Not getting into our new house yet.....

Best Purchase: Disneyland Passes

Biggest Regret: Not selling our house sooner and not buying that house around the corner earlier....grrrr

Sweetest Moment: hearing "I wobe you" and "amen" after prayers.

Newest Obsession: Krumpets Home Decor

Best Road Trip Goodies: Powdered donuts, Chewy Sweet Tarts and Blue Gatorade

Out of Comfort Zone: Wearing Lipstick

Funnest Secret: My sisters surprise pregnancy

Favorite Toddler Radio songs: Old McDonald had a Farm, Skidamarinkadinkadink and Wheels on the Bus

Unexpected Highlight: Spanish Food Restaurant for our Anniversary

Thank you 2013! 
You were grand. 
 Bring on 2014! 
Now lets get us a house and baby!

December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning

This Christmas morning was a lot different than Christmas mornings before.
This year we got to watch Miles be so confused and so happy all rolled into one.
He was delighted with his "CHOO CHOO" tooth paste he found in his stocking.
That could have been Christmas right there! 
He literally shook that box so happy.

He showed "ampa and ahwa" his Mickey Mouse.

It was so fun to stretch out Christmas morning. 
Miles would open a present and then we'd play with that toy for awhile.

Miles totally digs his cars.
He got an awesome new track that twists and turns.
Miles is loving it!

We played with his new puzzles.
I'm pretty biased but Miles is a smart boy!

He found a fun present to sit on and little rip at a time.

After all the presents were opened.
I was sitting on the couch admiring all my new things, and saw Miles and daddy wrestling. 
It made my heart so full.

Miles wasn't interested in his new things, he just wanted to play with his daddy.
He wanted to play "chase"...

He wanted to copy everything thing daddy was doing.
( march march march)

He wanted his "ampa" to do "ehpane"

It was pure JOY!

It was indeed a different Christmas morning...
We had a toddler that brought so much happiness and love.

as Miles says
to all, and to all a good night.....

(knocked out before he finished his lunch)