July 17, 2016

10 month old Andie Girl

This little miss is 10 months.
She is such a ham and is on the move!
Andie is a good eater and loves to feed herself!!!

She has discovered Magnus' kennel and is slowly making her way in it these days.

She puts everything in her mouth.
Including the mud from our hike.

Andie is such a happy girl, and has loved all our Disneyland days.

She is using Magnus to stand and  cruise.

She has become quite the helper when I unload the dishwasher.

She went on her first campout.
It was a dryrun to see if she could do it and how she handled sleeping etc...
She did great and we see camping in our near future.

 She is FINALLY sitting for books and is actually interested in them.


She is walking regularly but still crawls throughout the day.

Fun facts:
She has two bottom teeth
She is babbling mama, dada, baba
She loves watermelon, cottage cheese, applesauce, sweet potatoes, bread and peas
She plays on her knees
She is starting to play with some toys correctly
She loves baths and LOVES the washclothes
She cuddles up to any blanket on the floor
She started waving for a solid week--now she's over it. 
She makes a kissy face and will smack those lips together
She has a great laugh
She screams with delight when she sees Miles first thing in the morning
She loves the pool
Bathroom doors have to stayed closed or she will splash in the toilets
She hates getting buckled in her carseat
Doesn't have time to lay down for a diaper change
Hates getting her face cleaned
and STILL isn't sleeping through the night.

Good thing she's so cute!