November 12, 2010


I am so grateful October is over!
It was STASH-tober at the Fire Department.
One whole month of no shaving.
Yes it was embarrassing when the stranger at the store said
"oh is that your husband with the MUSTACHE?"
(gulp...with a half smile)
"yes he's my husband."

On November 1st that thing came off and I could finally kiss my honey again.
I felt extra sorry for the single guys who were tryin to meet some ladies with that!
Actually its hilarious.

November 2, 2010

two weeks of puppy...

Oh this dog!
Where to begin with my love/hate relationship with Magnus...
Magnus is part of my "just be" regiment. (click here for regiment)

Now with a new puppy comes some PROS and some CONS.
We have talked about a dog for about a year but we still were not prepared for puppyhood...

Pros and Cons:
pro: he sits on command
con: he likes to chew
pro: he is learning to lay down on command
con: he eats his poop
pro: he lays on his bed and lets you pet him all night
con: he doesnt sleep in
pro: he runs like a bunny
con: we cant be gone too long..gotta get home to let him go potty.
pro: His ears flop everywhere
PRO: we can still lift him when he refuses to go in his crate
con: he farts
pro: he pees where we want him to pee (95% of the time)
con: we have a Petco membership card
Pro: he has the softest white patch on his chest
con: we shop in the Pet isle now...gulp
Pro: he's lazy and sleeps a lot
con: he thinks he's a NO!
Pro: he has beautiful eyes
con: when he is wired- HE IS WIRED
pro: he doesnt cry at night
con: he thinks every towel is a rag toy
Pro: We hang out with a puppy all day
con: He slops water on my wood floors after he drinks... CRINGE
con:I get NOTHING done!
pro: My mind is completely occupied...

OH Magnus!!
Our new little friend.
Notice I said friend and NOT baby.
I promise we wont be the annoying dog owners that think our dog is a baby.
We wont be calling our parents "grandparents" etc...
I Promise.
He is a dog and we know that.
He is a lot of work though.
I swear all we do all day everyday is PUPPY.
I can not wait for him to get all his shots so he can get out more.
We all need some space around here.