October 31, 2011


I'm Magnus,
and I was mature enough
to go to the TRUNK or TREAT at my church.
I did soooo good!
I cuddled next to my mamas feet and let kids jump on me and pet me all night.

Little friends were dressed up funny and they took pictures of me and called me
B A T D O G .
I even snuck some candy that my friends dropped on the ground.

I got sick and tired of "sitting" for the photo shoot.
It was getting pretty pathetic around here.
They really need a real baby to dress up.

But, I really love all the attention,
so I won't complain.

Happy Halloween!
love, Magnus

October 29, 2011

haPpY HaLlOwEeN!!!

Happy Halloween friends!
We had friends over and we laughed all night.

The costumes this year were A W E S O M E !

Everyone up'd their game this year.

Can't wait to see what next year will bring.

There were great wigs,
FUN games,
and yummy food!!

October 20, 2011

One Big Year Later...

One Year Ago we brought home Magnus.
It was hard to choose.
There were 7 black great dane puppies running around
and they were adorable!
It was a random day and kind of a random purchase.
We didnt go fill up our gas tank with the intentions of following a man home to see his puppies.
So... we bought Magnus and brought him home in
an adult diaper box.

Magnus is very sweet!
We have worked really hard trying to make him a good dog.
We're all about manners and being pack leaders.
If you don't know what that is ...watch the dog whisper.

Look what one year can do!

Magnus loves kids....
he is getting waaaayyyyy better at not jumping on them!
Yes he has taken out a kid a time or two and
He gets BUSTED for it!

He loves trying to sit on the couch....trying is the key word.
And he sits on it the way we do.
Just his back side sits on the couch, and its super funny,
but we correct him and off he goes.

He can't relax unless I am relaxed.
He follows me around while I clean.
He goes up every step with me while I vacuum each stair.

He is scared of anything with wheels.
We really have to work with him to NOT be scared.

He has the loudest bark and it makes me jump every time.
He doesn't use his voice very often so when he does, it's a good one.

He thinks every dog is his friend.

He leans all his weight on your legs while you are standing.

He hugs you while on walks.

He gets stopped daily by everyone to be pet while on those walks.

We have thoroughly loved having Magnus.
He is just so sweet.
And I have broken all my promises that I made a year ago ( see here )
I treat him like a kid and I call him baby.
I can't help it.
He is part of the family!

October 16, 2011

Crafty Time

Yesterday was Super Saturday at our Church.
Every year we sign up for crafty things...because that is what girls do.
We like crafts.
Anyway, I am excited for the
countdown for Christmas that I made

and the Family Rules Board.

Ummmm...remember when our moms used to TOLL PAINT EVERYTHING?
Do you think Vinyl is the "new toll painting"?
and our kids will mock it?
Just a thought.

October 12, 2011

Amazing Race draft # 3

This year the draft was at Chilis'
We ordered dessert and hashed out this years cast on
T H E A M A Z I N G R A C E.
It was hard because no one is sticking out as
"the winner."

We got to watch the first two episodes to get a feel for the teams.
These are the remaining 9 teams.

We drew numbers off a salad plate...
We got number one BUT we were able to trade with the number two slot.
Thanks Beaulieus.

Beaulieus' got first and eighth pick:
Jeremy and Sandy - dating
Justin and Jennifer -annoying siblings

We got second and seventh pick:
Andy and Tommy-snowboarders
Liz and Marie- twins

Bagleys got third and sixth pick:
Ernie and Cindy-dating
Kaylani and Lisa-showgirls

Williamsons' got fourth and fifth pick:
Marcus and Amani-married
Laurence and Zac- father and son

and lets not leave out the Lauritzens'.
They showed up for dessert and they wanted in...
they didn't get to draft, they just got the left over team that
no one wanted.
So our newest draft friends get:
Bill and Cathi-Ma and Pa.
A few disclaimers:
1.) It is stashtober with the fire department and that explains Romney new look.
2.) We didn't dress up for the draft, it was stake conference Saturday night.
3.) I am fully aware that my face is very round.
growing up, I wasn't called me applehead for nothin.

Good luck drafting buddies.
Is there anyone out there voting for our teams?

October 9, 2011

last weekend...

(please ignore magnus' kennel corner in the background)

We babysat our niece and nephews this past weekend.
It was also General Conference weekend.

And this is what our jammie wearing weekend looked like.

Charliee became a fast friend to magnus...

Magnus did A W E S O M E with the kids!
He didn't even get jealous with the baby....
When usually this is what he wants...


October 7, 2011

Take a Hike

Having a dog makes you get out and move!
We love it!
We take Magnus out a few times a week to explore the great out doors.

He LOVES chasing all rabbits and squirrels.
He's totally getting faster and faster.
Someday he'll catch one and not know what to do with it....

He just runs around and his ears flop.

My favorite is calling him from a distance and he SPRINTS back to us.

Yeah it's good exercise but...
we mostly do it because when we get home Magnus sleeps for HOURS!
We're selfish.

What do you do to wear out your dog?

October 5, 2011

Sand Dunes

Saint George, Utah,
it's beautiful.
We spent a few days up there.
Mom and I spent some time at Tai Pan for new Halloween decorations,
Dad and Romney installed new cabinets in dads office.
One day we rented some fun little gadgets and headed up to the
Sand Dunes.
We had a blast!
It was gorgeous to see red sand all around us.
No one was out there but us.
So fun.

As mom and dad tried to make their way up the hill

they got stuck....
...so mom got out and Romney started helping...

...and they started to D I G...

...then they hooked both rhinos up with rope...

...mom pushed reverse, dad pushed the gas...
...and B A M... they are ready for more fun!

After getting stuck we set up camp and had an A W E S O M E
picnic .
The C O L D fruit and drinks never tasted so good.

After a great day we drove back to town to return our rentals.

We had such a fun day.
Were ready to play again!

October 4, 2011

Thirty, Flirty and Thriving....

I am SO behind on blogging.
But it's my goal to catch up by next week.

This summer I turned 30!
I was so busy planning girls camp that it kinda just snuck up on me.
My birthday fell on a Saturday and camp started on that following Monday.
Chaos I tell ya.
But some how Romney got me out of the house...
to take me to a SURPRISE party he had planned.

We had Y U M M Y Y U M M Y food and fun
"minute to win it" games!
These games just NEVER get old.

"the M&M elevator"

"Eat the Oreo with No hands"

It was fun to see friends and take a little break from girls camp.
Thank you Romney for treating me so good.
You're a babe!

Now I am 30!
It's a weird number to see.
I know it's not old but seriously....
Where did time go?
I have NO idea.
I just know it keeps going fast!

Am I where I thought I was going to be at 30?
No, not even close.
But, I wouldn't trade these 30 years for anything!

October 3, 2011

Thee going away party

And who is this going away party for?
Oh just my parents.
Yep, my parents who live 3 minutes away...(walking)
Yep, my parents who I see daily and go to dinner with weekly.
Yep, my parents who have lived in the same house for over 20 years.
Yep, my parents have moved.
Saint George, Utah.
As crazy as this sounds...they are so happy up there.
So that makes it very hard for me to be mad at them!

Anyway, before they left,
we had a going away party for them.

They were able to talk with old friends,

give lots of hugs,

hand out new contact information,

laugh more one time together,

eat delicious food,

and hug some more.

I am sad that my parents have left.
It is N O T the same around here.
I am so glad that I have my brother and his family around the corner.

My parents have promised to visit often.
They have promised that they will come on the drop of a hat if something happens.

And so far...
they have kept their promises.

Well that sucked.
Anyone up for a pity party ice cream run?