December 30, 2008


Why is packing up Christmas so dreadful?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you.

December 19, 2008

Thee Christmas Photo Shoot

Well here is our end result of our Christmas photo shoot. Cutie little Rom thought it would be fun for us to take pictures for one of our advent calendar days. After all was said and done it was FUN. Thanks to his brother Roger ( who came out to snap some shots. We love them! I know this post is very Romney and Erin but there are so many we like! Frameable!!

( i am glad to know this is what romney looks like when we hug)

( i think this one is my favorite picture)

December 8, 2008

ADVENT CALENDARing our little hearts out

week one of our daily advent calendar activity has been fun.

We got a tree
Made cinnimon rolls
Cooked dinner together
Had a Christmas Photo shoot
(that I knew nothing about and had an hour to get ready...say cheese....)
Thought of five reasons why we love eachother
Read our scriptures
and Called our Grandparents

I just had to show what I found...aren't they great!!! Pottery Barn Outlet Baby!!

Thanksgiving recap

It was so fun to have our older brother out for Thanksgiving this year! Our sister wasnt able to make it but we do love her and are glad she had a good Thanksgiving too. It was fun to have three of us kids together and we were able to enjoy a fun week that consisted of:

Melting Pot...first timer and it was amazing
Thanksgiving Dinner
Midnight idea...not so fun the next day
Christmas lighting...missed the lighting ceremony
late nights
and of coarse
Cactus Cooler
Here are some of the fun things we did over the break...

November 26, 2008

Just an Idea...

I can't believe Christmas is almost here. Well we should not forget Thanksgiving because we all have a lot to be thankful for. But since December starts on Monday I wanted to share an idea you may or may not like. So here is our new advent calendar that I scored big time on last year after Christmas. So I have been really excited to use it all year long.
Counting down for Christmas is so fun for everyone. So this year were counting down with activities everyday. I have put a cute piece of paper behind every door indicating what we are going to do that day. Romney is in charge of planning 12 days and I am in charge of planning 12 days.
Some of mine consist of :
making dinner together
watch a movie with the fire going
deliver goodies to the neighbors
go to the movies
Those are just some of my very easy anyone could do ideas (I don't want to spoil the rest...Rom reads the blog) But we can't peek ahead. So December is going to be fun for us.

If you are a mom there are lots of things to do(make snowflakes, bake, decorate, wrap presents, wear matching PJ's and watch a movie, go look at Christmas lights etc..). Look ahead on the calendar and use family and ward parties and things that are already planned as the activity of the day. Be creative. I don't know... it's just an idea...

November 20, 2008

we call it home

ThE dReAdEd BaThRoOm!!!! But it is our dreaded bathroom!! This is the master bathroom that we have never used in the year we've owned this place that we call home. When the house was inspected we were told the existing shower floor was "spongy" and that we'd "probably be okay to use it". To add to the sponge the tile floor was disgusting and the toilet was filthy. MMMmmm, doesn't that sound delightful?
So to fix the problem we threw out the spongy shower, the filthy toilet and the gross tile. Rather than replace the shower, we bought a bathtub!(super excited) To go along with a new tub, you need new tile and with that, you need a clean new toilet...this is beginning to sound like If you give a mouse a cookie... Even though Romney is home I haven't seen him. This is why.
The tile is drying waiting to be grouted.

Thank you Romney!

November 16, 2008


Yay for firemen!! I love them especially for the last couple of days with California burning !! Yay for my fireman who I haven't seen since Wednesday night. (frowny face)
Romney is not out on the fires personally. They did not send his rig out. But because they have sent out 5 or 6 rigs from his department he has to hold over. I think every firefighter is working right now. And we love them for it!!!!

November 11, 2008


HaPpY OnE YeAr!! We bought our house one year ago. Time seriously flies, so does our money. We are no where near to being done around here but we have cleaned up some.

Here is our living room one year ago:
One year later here we are. Granted there are no pictures up and were still playing with pots by the couch etc... but were getting there.

November 6, 2008

Paradise Part 2

The whole time we were in Kona I kept saying to Romney "I heart Kona!!" The big Island may not be as "tropical" but it was AWESOME. Because it is less touristy we felt the Island Buzz that every local loves. When people say Hawaii is the Lava/black rock island they were not kidding. It's everywhere. We loved it though. We became big time snorkeling lovers. We kept our snorkeling gear in the trunk the whole week in case we saw a great opportunity and we found lots of those. We were in the water everyday. I couldn't get over how clear that water really is. We just had a great time and we can't wait to go back.

Our first day was a total blast. We thought it would be wise to go out to the local beach and practice some snorkeling. Everyone snorkels its so great. It turns out anyone can snorkel, its super easy. And so fun. I couldn't believe on our first day all the things we saw. I felt like Sebastian from Little Mermaid "under the Sea"! Hours go by before you realize the sun went down. We rushed back to get ready for our Luau. Come on, were in Hawaii you better believe we went to the Luau. There was some interesting food there. I tried it all because it is their culture. But I am not a fan of Poi (poy). But the Hawaiian people love it. After the feast Romney was chosen(totally choseable) to go up and dance with one hula girl and then all of them circled around him to hula. So funny to see!!

Our snorkeling tour was an absolute blast and worth every dollar!!! We were taken out to Kealakekua Bay (K-al-cuh-koo-uh bay). Anyone who goes to Kona needs to go here. It is FANTASTIC. The snorkeling was Phenomenal. We saw so many different kinds of fish, eels, sea turtles. The coral was unreal. You seriously can't describe it. On our way back we stopped and learned about different lava tubes and legends. We had a great time. Got a little sun burned on our way back but that's okay.

Oh what a frustrating day! WE decided to go to the Volcano National Park! We drove from Kona to Hilo which was a couple hours drive. WE drove in the pouring rain and knew the whole way there we weren't going to see anything. So we made several stops along the way. We stopped at the most delicious bakery. We picked up some lunch and decided that we better take some goodies too. We had some Lilikoi. It was the most amazing thing EVER. Had we known how amazing- we would of bought it by the dozen. We also stopped at the black sand beach. The sand was a different texture. It felt like sea salt but it didn't hurt. It was pretty cool to see that. Once we finally got to the Volcanoes the Sulfur Dioxide was too high so we couldn't go in. We were so bummed. SO we drove another hour to see the "active volcano" run into the ocean....another bummer. They don't let anyone get out to see. So here we are looking at the steam from the lava. However the drive was beautiful!

We went to the Place of Refuge one afternoon which ended up being one of our highlights. These grounds were sacred for men during war and a place of punishment. Two very extreme differences. They still don't let people swim in the bay area because that was the kings arrival spot. After we toured the grounds and walked way out onto the lava and started playing with the white coral and the timer on the camera. We got some fun shots. WE then decided to go snorkeling right off that sacred bay that afternoon and swam with 14 dolphins. IT was so amazing how they swim so gracefully in such perfectly straight lines. The snorkeling was so great. I'd put it up there with our snorkel tour. I was actually pretty scared but I'm glad we got to experience nature in its finest.
... always fun to flirt, especially in Hawaii...

Here is our amazing trip. It doesnt matter how many pictures you take they still don't do it justice.

October 22, 2008

Paradise Part 1

Well, we are back from Paradise!! We loved it!!!!! Even though we love are own comfy bed we didn't want to come back. The last ten days were a blast. We spent time on the Big Island (Kona) and Kauai. They are two very different islands but loved them both so much. Romney and I have been talking about going to Hawaii for a while and one night we were up late and decided that we just needed to book it and make it happen. So three weeks later we were off....


We started Kauai off by going on a helicopter tour of the island. It was so fun. The sights were amazing! 2/3 of the island you cant see or get to unless you are in the air. We still cannot believe how green it was and how beautiful it was to be up there. The wettest spot in the world is smack dab in the middle of the island, and we saw it. We were able to fly in the middle of the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. We saw incredible waterfalls that we wouldn't of been able to. We are so glad we did it.

We rented a car and drove all around the island which isn't hard to all. But one day we drove south until it stopped. It was such a great day. We stopped by the blowhole and watched the water launch high into the air from the lava tubes. We stopped by the National Botanical Gardens which was fabulous. So many different plants and flowers. It was great!! We continued south and stopped at every look out. The sights were indescribable, seriously pictures don't do them justice. The whole way home in the pouring rain and no street lights we kept saying over and over "what a great day!" "what a great day!"

The next day we headed up North doing the same thing. Driving and continuing to say "awe this is beautiful!" We kept our swimming suits and hiking shoes in the trunk at all times because you never know what you are going to come across. Here we came across some great hiking. It was a HEALTHY hike! My heart was pumping. UP hill, on slippery muddy rocks...mmmm my kind of hike. No really it was great. We were able to see the Napali Coast which is UNREAL, it's breath taking. I did take a little spill on this hike. Nothing like a good abrasion to the knee. Unfortunately we were attacked by bugs and still have the bites to itch...lovely.

We were told by many that we needed to kayak while in Kauai. So we did, and we would of been so sad had we not. We kayaked the Wailua River up to yet another trail. This trail was so mossy and green and it truly felt like we were in the jungle. Well I guess we were in the jungle. We hiked in our water shoes through thick mud, and on slick rocks. It was fun to hear the waterfall but not see it. I don't know how the tour guide knows where to go but he did.

Once we got to the 200 foot water fall which they call the Secret Falls we ate a yummy lunch provided by some locals we dove into the water. At first it was cold but after a second it was refreshing. We did go stand under the fall and that was kind of cool...( it hurt actually)

Here are some more fun things we did and saw. There is just too many pictures to choose from. ALOHA!

October 11, 2008


Aloha my friends, we are off to HAWAII!!!!
Have you ever been to Hawaii?
It's our first time going!!!!!

September 30, 2008


Ladies Ladies Ladies!!! It's October. Why is that important? It's breast cancer awareness month. Our mom is a survivor of 7 years!!! Go mom!!! Girls get checked! If you're still too young for checks, tell your mom, aunts, and sisters to get checked!! According to the Oncologist from the Oprah Show, if you are 35 or older you need yearly exams. If you have family history of breast cancer your yearly exams should start at 30! However the research from the internet says age 40 and older for exams and start at age 35 if there is family history. Talk with your OBGYN! Earlier the better; that is what saved our mom!

September 16, 2008

its a bird, no its a plane....

What?? It's a bird?... no, it's a plane..... NO it's Romney 13,000 feet high in the air.

Here is where it all started on the ground. They took a little class before the jump and were ready to go. This big skydiving day was for Ethan. He turned the big 3-0. Ethan and Romney have been best friends since they were young pups. Here for the jump was his brother James and our bishop.

Ethan screamed the whole way down apparently

Here comes Romney ready to land

they landed safe and sound. They had a blast and would do it again in a heart beat.

Fun had by all. The tandem (the guys that are attached to you) jumpers were fantastic with the funniest little personalities. I cant wait for my turn. Next time its for the girls...

September 11, 2008

A New Rug

I know I know I have not updated in a long time, and I'm sure I have lost some readers. No excuses!!! Summer just came and went and I lost track of time. Seeing that we have not done hard core construction this summer it was time to buy a few things to attempt decorating. There is a new Pottery Barn Outlet that just got here....FANTASTIC! So we thought we'd go check it out and WALLAH we purchased a new rug. So from there, I bought some new fabrics and am going to try to make some pillows. I have no idea how to but it cant be that hard. Seriously do you know how much decorative pillows are??? I'm not willing to spend 40 bucks on a little pillow! So that was my motivation to make some.

Has anyone ever made pillows? Any tips?

August 19, 2008

Somebodys Been Canning....

I know I know; but it's so much fun. I've been really motivated lately to get our food storage together and get prepared for whatever is coming our way. I have gone to the cannery twice now and have more appointments lined up. My last appointment my sister in law Shannon and Romney went with me. Having Romney there was great, he lifted everything and poured everything right into the can, meanwhile all the "sisters" are scooping a cup at a time. We cranked out tons of stuff... therefore the bill was alot bigger. I am only canning practical things that we will eat and have a 30 year shelf life so it can store for a very long time and not have to worry about it. I love that we are getting ready and feeling at ease about it...I guess we need some water for all food....

August 2, 2008

happy anniversary!!!


I can not believe how fast time has gone by. It still feels like we should still be dating, you know; I'm 21 and Romney is 23...not any more I'm 27 and Romney 29. It has been the best five years and I'd do it all over again. We have been through so many things together and there is no way I would want to go through any of it with anyone else. It has been so fun to see each other grow and to accomplish our goals together!!!!! Happy FIVE YEARS!!!!!!