October 3, 2013


What have we been up to? 
Oh just moving....
No big.

 Miles was a champ thee entire move.
He played in boxes, and climbed in empty cupboards.

He loved "helping" me pull down all the baby stuff to pack up.
"Mommy....a chew!"
I turned around, and he was indeed in a chair.

Romney worked his tail off.
He packed the garage, the shed, the office, you name it....
He did it.
He was off for 4 straight days so we had to take full advantage of it. 
He was exhausted. 

The kitchen was thee worst!
There was so much STUFF everywhere.
We were so surprised with all the little junk we store in random drawers and cupboards. 

Our living room was a little sad when the rugs were rolled up and hauled out...

Our mantel was devastated when the candy jars were carefully packed away.

 People keep saying they can not believe we sold our house...
we cant either!

People keep asking if we are sad to move....

I wasn't sad until Miles and I picked our last batch of tomatoes from the garden... and ate them all at once.
I wasnt sad until Miles cried when we packed up the toy closet.
I wasn't sad until Magnus went upstairs to lay in his usual spot...only to find an empty room. 
I wasn't sad until I vacuumed Miles bedroom on moving day.
I wasn't sad until I left my house key on the counter and walked out of my first house.

But, a house is just a house.
Where ever my crew is .... is our HOME.

(boys taking a break from packing)

For curious minds:
We made an offer on a house closer to more family.
It has almost everything we want in a long term house.
We are excited for the next chapter in our lives.

Goodbye first house.
You have been exceptional.
You will be missed!
 I hope the new owners love you as much as we did and remember to use the special cleaner for the wood floors.