December 12, 2016

Australia part II-Featherdale Park

On our way to Sydney we stopped at Feather Dale Park to see some of Australias finest. 
Our first animal interaction was the koalas.
We got there a little late in the day so the cute little things were sleeping.

But we still got to pet them.

Their fur was super fluffy!

 When we first walked in Miles got a little passport to stamp at all the animal attractions.
He loved it!

The highlight of Feather Dale is getting to feed walabees and Kangaroos.

(this guy didn't budge...)

Miles did fine feeding them at first...
 a big bird with a super long beak took it out of this hands.
He was traumatized. 

After that darn bird Miles was pretty timid.
Meanwhile, Andie was all about it.
She was so excited.

We assured him over and over it was okay but he wouldn't feed them after that.
He'd pet them though.

We let Andie try and she did great.
She will NOT let you leave her out.

It really was such a fun experience.

We saw dingos, wombats, birds, bats, Tasmanian devils, snakes and ... HUGE crocodile.

We saw him open his mouth really big and then he sat like this for over an hour.
Miles is obsessed with all things reptile and thought this was pretty cool.
We were happy for him.

This was such a great little detour before we got to the city.


We all loved it...including Jasper the Kangaroo who is hugging Romneys arm.

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