August 25, 2015

Big Brother

Miles has been so sweet to baby Andie.
He wants to hold her at the most inconvenient times.
(but we always say yes)
He pokes her forehead softly with his pointer finger and says "you're so silly"

He has counted all her long skinny toes.

He has given her so many kisses.
This is huge! 
Miles is an anti kissing kid!

He sings to her, brings her stuffed animals, and waves hello to her.

He is quite the little helper.

when she cries he says "I'm comin" and gives her a pacifier. 

I hope he will continue to be sweet towards her as he gets older.

We cannot believe we have children.
Two kids!!
They are both amazing and we are so happy they have each other to grow up with.

August 23, 2015

Little Miss

Through selfless love we introduce Andie Linnea 
Born August 17th, 2015 
6 lbs 3 oz
19 inches
We are over the moon happy she has joined our family.