December 31, 2016

Christmas Morning

Christmas morning had finally come!
We've been counting the days on the advent calendar and this day just couldn't get here fast enough!
Santa brought Miles a new wagon, remote control cars for he and Romney and a new FROGGY!

Santa brought Andie a new Kitchen.

One of the favorite things in Miles stocking was this dinosaur head lamp.

 Andies stocking had these little nesting cups she can stack.

This little boy was really excited to give us a present he made at school.
He told us over and over that we CANNOT open it until Christmas.
He couldnt wait to give it to us.
It was  an ornament he made with his picture inside.
We loved it!!!
I hope he always has the joy and excitement to GIVE a present. 
Andie loved her piggy bank.

However, she woke up pretty stuffy and wasn't feeling so well by mid morning.  
She'd try to play with her new toys but would stop after a minute and cuddle. 

When all was opened Miles put on his jacket, new beanie and gloves and went outside to test out some of his new stuff.

Miles loved his new rocket launcher!
He thought it was awesome to jump on the pump and see the rockets fly!!!

Miles had a friend make a tunnel for his new remote control car.

He's been wanting this bubble wand from Disneyland for a while. I've told him no every time, so he was pretty happy to get his own Mickey bubble wand!

It was a great morning.
We were all spoiled.
We all enjoyed watching each other open presents. 
Though it is chaos, I love what Christmas morning looks like.
(Poor Andie)

That afternoon we watched a movie and called it a day.

Merry Christmas!!!!

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