December 26, 2016

Australia Part IV-Beaches

We took a ferry out to Manly Beach one afternoon and fell in love with it.
It wasn't crowded-it just had a peaceful vibe.

We started at Manley Cove where Andie and Daddy watched the little waves.

Then we made our way down to the beach and had all sorts of regrets that we didn't have swim suits that day.  It was kinda chilly and didn't think the kids would want to wear them.
They wanted their suits.

But it didn't stop them from getting a little wet and sandy.

So the next day when we went to Bondi Beach we were prepared!
The second Andie got her suit on she was literally throwing sand and rolling in it.

She found a soda lid and thought it was pretty cool to scoop with it.
 She loved pouring the sand on my hands and pants.

Miles and Daddy went down to the shore line to build in the sand.
I'm thinking Romney still had the Tikal Ruins from Belize on his mind because they built one....

Eventually Andie made her way down to them and squashed it all.
Miles was not happy about it.
But once he got over it, he joined in on the fun. 

Bondi Beach is awesome.
I loved being there.
The kids loved being there.
We didn't want to leave, but we had to catch the bus to catch the train.

We ended our Australia stay at the Sydney Aquarium.
As soon as we walked in Andie whispered "wowwww"

We loved Australia, it was such a fun experience for our family.

Now off to New Zealand!

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