December 30, 2008


Why is packing up Christmas so dreadful?

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and Santa was good to you.

December 19, 2008

Thee Christmas Photo Shoot

Well here is our end result of our Christmas photo shoot. Cutie little Rom thought it would be fun for us to take pictures for one of our advent calendar days. After all was said and done it was FUN. Thanks to his brother Roger ( who came out to snap some shots. We love them! I know this post is very Romney and Erin but there are so many we like! Frameable!!

( i am glad to know this is what romney looks like when we hug)

( i think this one is my favorite picture)

December 8, 2008

ADVENT CALENDARing our little hearts out

week one of our daily advent calendar activity has been fun.

We got a tree
Made cinnimon rolls
Cooked dinner together
Had a Christmas Photo shoot
(that I knew nothing about and had an hour to get ready...say cheese....)
Thought of five reasons why we love eachother
Read our scriptures
and Called our Grandparents

I just had to show what I found...aren't they great!!! Pottery Barn Outlet Baby!!

Thanksgiving recap

It was so fun to have our older brother out for Thanksgiving this year! Our sister wasnt able to make it but we do love her and are glad she had a good Thanksgiving too. It was fun to have three of us kids together and we were able to enjoy a fun week that consisted of:

Melting Pot...first timer and it was amazing
Thanksgiving Dinner
Midnight idea...not so fun the next day
Christmas lighting...missed the lighting ceremony
late nights
and of coarse
Cactus Cooler
Here are some of the fun things we did over the break...