December 27, 2016

New Zealand Part III- Queenstown

We like to go to church while we are on vacation.
It is fun to meet new people, see different cultures and learn.
We found a church in Queenstown which was about 45 minutes from where we were staying.
We passed the church on the main road because we didn't think we were looking for a house.
 Turns out the small town used to meet in a mortuary using their chapel each week, but in the last 5 years the church bought this house and have turned it into a meeting house.
We met a few other tourist taking pictures out on the front lawn too and they told us what fun things we should do while in Queenstown.
We listened to the peoples advice-
changed our clothes and went for a yummy famous Fergburger!
Excellent choice!
We ate lunch at the park where daddy used Miles as a pillow when he was done. 
(this is one of Miles favorite things)

We were also told to check out the luge.
So, we did.

We all put on our helmets...

My helmet was too big and I was having a hard time getting it to buckle correctly.
Without prompting, Miles came to my rescue and got me all situated. 
Thanks buddy.

We rode the lift up, up, up...

and jumped off as fast as we could so we didn't go back down the mountain. 

The view from the top was spectacular!
That's right, spectacular. 
The water matched the blue sky, the clouds were white, and grass was bright green.
It was awesome.

We got to ride the luge 5 times each and we had a blast.
We took turns switching off with the kids so we could ride with both of them.
Miles said "dad goes faster!"
BUT I'm pretty sure dad didn't sing along with Miles at the top of his lungs "lets name the zone, the zone, the zone" from Finding Nemo the whole way down the course.
Just saying.

This was such a fun adventure.
I just love this little family of ours.

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