February 19, 2011

another draft...


Remember our last draft?
Well the same four couples got together again to treat last seasons winners
Congratulations to the Beaulieus who picked the doctors.
They got a yummy dinner.
While we got our grub on, we started our second draft and picked new teams!
RULE #1: Nobody got to pick the Cowboys!
RULE #2: 1st pick goes to the couple who went out first- last season
2nd pick goes to the couple who came in third
3rd pick goes to the second team
4th pick goes to the first team
got it?

Who are you cheering for?...besides the cowboys?
That one is obvious.

February 16, 2011

We're cool now...

Last fall I was asked to serve as The Girls Camp Director for our Church.
I will be planning a week long camp for 100 girls.
I am super excited but totally feel inadequate for this assignment.
I told Romney I needed a laptop for all my meetings that I would be having.
He is a good man.
A really fun package came this weekend!

Could it be that we are ready to be trendy?
We are cool now ....finally!

We have a laptop!!
Go ahead and welcome us to 2011...

and wish me luck for Girls Camp....gulp

February 11, 2011


Does anyone else enjoy cleaning?
I kinda do.
I love a clean house.
I love cleaning products.
I love the smell of clean bathrooms.
I love the look of vacuum lines.
I love sparkling counter tops.
I love freshly mopped floors.
I love polished appliances.
I love dust free furniture.
I love empty laundry baskets.
I love the peace that it brings.
I love it all.

the one job I hate; scrubbing the showers.
It's my least favorite job!
However I found thee

And now....
not so bad.
try it.
I spray the shower and tub first,
let it set while I clean the toilet, sinks, and mirrors
come back, wipe it down, and BAM
sparkling clean!
No muscles needed.
It's awesome.

What is your least favorite job?

February 9, 2011

the New leash.....

It's February and the weather is PERFECTO!
We left for the canyon to go on a little hike and test out the new leash...

This is my typical view when Magmoo is in the car.
He was so happy to be out....Magnus was pretty excited too
It took a little bit to realize he had 16 feet of freedom BUT he was loving it!

He ran and ran and ran...
And stopped to watch birds fly away
We all enjoyed the hike and relaxed the minute we got back to the truck.

February 7, 2011


As of tonight
our car is

can I get what what?