December 25, 2010

finding the light

Its a Christmas Miracle....
(click here for my weird "miracle"...)

Magnus got his cone of shame off and his stitches are out.
I think this whole near death experience really opened his eyes.
He has found the light!

As the sunlight moves across the floor....

So does Magnus...
He literally follows the light all throughout the day.

He's so spiritual like that,
What a good boy.

December 10, 2010

1000.00 dollars later....

Just like the ziplock bag says...
This is Magnus' rock.

Because of that rock my dog looks like Little Bo Peep.

Oh Magnus.
Where to begin....
I will first start off by saying that I officially LOVE our dog.
It took me 2 months to say it out loud but its true
I LOVE him.
Now with that being said
The other day we were playing in the back yard having a fun ol' time.
Within 20 minutes he was extra cuddly and tired.
Within an hour of that the throwing up began.
He wasn't eating or drinking.
Just puking.
So sad...So smelly.
He was miserable.
Just before closing I decided I better go see the vet.
They checked him for all sorts of things and did some Xrays.
With the Xray we found the problem...
The freakin dog ate a rock.
The vet sent us home with an anti vomiting shot
and in hopes he would pass the rock by morning.
No, not even close!
They did a follow up Xray to see if the rock had even moved over night.
again, not even close.
So surgery it was.
He came home hours after and cried all night...not fun.
He's back at the vet today for follow up evaluations and fluids and pain killers.
He will come home again tonight!
We have laughed at people who spend money for surgeries on animals...
We are eating our words.
1000.00 dollars later.
I hugged Romney and said
"Thanks for paying to save our dog"
"you're welcome"
Like he did me the favor....
Yeah right, Romney is in love too.

December 3, 2010

Travel bug....

It is that time of year know, travel bug time.
We booked our next trip a few months ago as a
"heart healing" method.
It's a good method I tell ya.
When our IVF cycle failed we said...

"okay where are we off to next"
and so....

I R E L A N D ! !

Top of the mornin to ya!

Spring can not come fast enough!!!