January 17, 2013

11 Months

How is this happening? 
11 months.
 This is going by so fast.

Miles' little personality is really starting to come out.
He is a funny little one. 
In public he seems pretty shy but at home he's loud, giggly, and on the go.
He LOVES taking baths and the love of splashing water is an UNDER STATEMENT.
We put towels over us to protect us.

He now grabs the spoon.
But not gently may I add, he grabs it pretty rough and flings the food on the floor before it gets to his mouth.
Last month he discovered toilet paper.
This month....
he discovered that it can REALLY ROLL.
He is still Magnus' biggest fan!
He points at him hourly and says DA.
He flaps his ears, pokes the eyes, whips the tail and hurdles over him daily.

Lately he has been really interested in his toys.
And toy basket for that matter.
He pushes the toy train around and its so sweet.

We've been playing in the back yard more.
I gave him some chalk.
After he ate it over and over and over
he FINALLY wrote on the ground.
His first art project is in the yellow box.
Proud Mama.
Miles is liking the big boy stuff.
Like sitting in the wagon with his sippy cup with a friend without the little seat belts.

And a super fun highlight of 11 months is:
He is still crawling most of the day but gets in the walking everyday too.
This was the first night two weeks ago.
He was so happy about it.

Fun Facts:
Miles has 6 teeth. (four on top and two on bottom)
He can say BA (ball) Da (dog) Hi, Bye, Uh Oh, Car/Tar (car)
He finally started clapping (literally three days ago)
He goes to bed at 7:30/8:00 and wakes up at 7:00/7:30
He likes pushing buttons
He can't ever seem to get enough of pulling off my glasses
He protests getting buckled in the car seat...but is fine the second you strap him in
He loves facetiming with grandma and says HI the second he sees himself on the screen
He gives open mouth kisses
He is pointing out a few objects you ask him to find in books 
He likes to try to climb on your back when you are sitting on the floor
He is starting to get opinions 
eats about anything you give him
crawls away super fast and face plants when ever you say "I'M GONNA GET YOU"

You will be one next week!
I think I may cry.