December 28, 2016

Vacation wrap up

This vacation was A W E S O M E !
We get asked over and over how it was traveling with the kids....

We loved it!
The kids were such great travelers.
They did great with the flights, the time change(actually the day change), the food, and the lack of sleep we had.

We got to do so much.
Family memories were created.
Adventures happened.
Unity formed.
and we have NO REGRETS bringing these babes!

We know they are little and Andie will not remember this trip.
Miles may or may not remember it.
Maybe he'll remember some things, maybe not.
But it doesn't matter.

We will remember how excited Miles was to get a stamp in his passport for the first time.

We will remember Miles calling the The Three Sisters "the three little sisters"

I will remember seeing Andie asleep thinking "she has a good daddy"

We will always giggle thinking about Miles wearing the virtual reality goggles in the Opera House while he took a tour of the Sydney Harbour.

 I will cherish the moments Miles and I stopped to examine different flowers and smelled them.

I will remember Miles holding my hand on beautiful nature walks.

Romney will remember that one time in New Zealand when he and his son took their shoes and socks off to get in the FREEZING water to look for a special rock.

Romney will remember how cuddly Andie was to him this day and how she would run towards him laughing. Then she'd turn around and run to him again and again.

 We will remember Miles singing LONDON BRIDGES FALLING DOWN as fast as he could going over this bridge.

I will remember how tired everyone was on the return flight and feeling very fortunate that we had this opportunity.
So it really doesn't matter if the kids remember.
These are our memories with them.
And they are awesome memories.
Ones that we will cherish.
 Time to start saving again, because we have more places to see as a family.

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