December 26, 2012

10 months

Month 10 has brought so many smiles.

To start off his 10th month of life we went to St. George for Thanksgiving.
While on our visit, Miles only broke a custom made floor lamp.
Super sweet.
However, he got to see Zion National Park for the first time.
We hiked Emerald Pools and it was Awesome.

I swear, ever since thanksgiving, Miles is INTO EVERYTHING!
The second the dishwasher opens Miles is there to "help."
He pulls out the silverware and throws it on the ground.
He would climb in if I let him.

He cruises everywhere.
He gets into every cupboard.
He likes pulling out the hand towels, tupperware, cupcake liners, and pretty much whatever he sees.
(we have broken the glass measuring cups...I wasn't fast enough)
He has loved the entrance table and those silver coasters.

Magnus is still a hit.
Our friends little guy was over to play and Magnus wanted in on the action.
Magnus is being a good horse for Porter.
Miles is loving the outdoors,
Espeically his yellow car.
He likes being pushed around our trike track over and over and over.
He is starting to fuss when it's time to come in.

A new discovery is the shower.
Miles eyes are so goopy and crusty and we have found that the showers do wonders to clean those bad boys up.
The constant running water and steam seem to really get them clean so he can see better.
Poor fella.
Now when he hears the running water, he crawls over to the shower and waits to get in.
Such a sweetie.

Miles babbles and jabbers throughout the day.
However, he has said his first official word.
D O G . 
It sounds like DA or G (g sound)
He points to Magnus and repeats DA.
We're not surprised his first word is DOG.
It's adorable.

He is waving Hi and BYE.
No new teeth. We're still at 5.
He is starting to be a little more interested in Patty Cake.
It's hit or miss on HIGH FIVE ( Most of the time he gently touches your hand with his pointer).
He likes to stand and cruise on the furniture and walls
He is starting to really smile for other people, not just us at home.
We can ask him "where is the ball?" and he'll look for it and crawl to the ball.
He is starting to put things "away" when it's time to clean up (obviously i help him, but he is holding the object then letting go of it in the basket)
He has started intentionally sharing his food with the dog.
Discovered that toilet paper rolls.
Mastered climbing up the stairs
we kinda think he thinks his water is called UH OH.
(he always drops his water cup and says uh oh)

Here is Miles 10 month video of some darling babbling with an adorable wave.

November 25, 2012

Christmas tears

A few years ago I was decorating the Christmas tree.
I love decorating the tree, it's one of my favorite things to do.
Romney was taking a nap upstairs and I was listening to Christmas music...another favorite. 
 I was singing along with the carols when the phone rang.
I jumped over boxes, tiptoed around ornaments and ducked under the ladder to answer the phone.
It was my nurse from the infertility clinic.
She said: Hi Erin.
I nervously asked: whats the word?
She gently said:  Negative.
I thanked her.
 I walked to the living room and went back to work on our tree.
I hung up a few ornaments ignoring what I just heard...but within seconds I fell to my knees and began to cry.
I cried tears of sadness, frustration, loneliness, and confusion. 
 Why was this happening?
Fast forward to present day:
I was pulling out the Christmas boxes and started to decorate the family room.
I was working on the mantel specifically.
I was unpacking the stocking holders when I started to cry.
You see....
I was on the hunt years ago for specific silver picture frame stocking holders.
My mom came across some at Aaron Brothers.
She called me and said she found what I had been searching for.
She asked how many I wanted.
I told her 6.
2 for Romney and I and 4 for our future kids(not knowing I was infertile).
For Y E A R S  I have only pulled out 2 stocking holders for Romney and I.
 But this year I pulled out 3.
3 stocking holders...for MY mantel.
I cried tears of joy, gratitude, and love.
I know exactly the answer to my pleading "WHY" many years ago.
It's simple.
We just had to wait for Miles.
He has been worth all the tears, and sadness we had to go through.
and now...
look; there are three stockings hung with care.
And it doesn't even matter how long it took.
I am grateful that my longest days of sadness were during the Christmas season.
I was able to focus on the birth Jesus Christ,
and through Him,
my tears of sadness have been replaced with such JOY.

November 17, 2012

Eye appointment for the little tyke

When Miles was a new born he had clogged tear ducts.
We talked to the doctor about it and she told us it would clear up on its own.
And somewhere at sometime it did clear up.
Then in September Miles got some goop in his eye....
the DREADED PINK EYE(so we all thought)
So he was put on  antibiotics for a week and they got better.
Then a week later it was back.
More washing the sheets daily and scrubbing the hands.
it came back a third time.
So I called the doctor A G A I N and she didn't want us to come in but that she wanted to refer us to the eye specialist.

Here are Miles goopy eyes on a daily basis.
They are super red and gunky. 
They look more sore than they really are.... but poor fella.
SOOOO... the little tyke sat with daddy in the chair and followed the tiger...
...fought the drops for the pupil to dilate...
...he helped the technician hold the instrument...
After the eye exam the results are:
His eyes are developing correctly and he sees what he should at this age...
However, he DOES have clogged tear drains and is scheduled for surgery after his first birthday.
With fully dilated pupils he got to work thee awesome sunglasses they provide.

November 13, 2012

9 Months

You stop growing.
This is going toooo fast.

We feel like every month is better than the last.
We feel like each stage is the cutest.
We feel like there is NO way we could love him anymore but, our hearts keep filling up on more Miles.
We're obsessed,
It's awesome.

Miles is a-crusin.
He stands up where he wants to stand and slowly moves those feet a couple steps to the side.
He can open the cupboards and pull out the bowls.
He tries for the glass bowls BUT I do stop that one.
He LOVES Magnus' kennel.
Anytime the door is open, Miles automatically makes his way inside.
He doesn't care if Magnus is IN it....
or NOT.
He just makes himself at home.
He loves going through his basket of toys everyday.

He really loves this cupboard in the corner of the house.
He stays pretty busy back there.
He uses his pointer finger all day.
He points to everything. 
Right now he is into noses.

We are greeted by a happy boy each morning.
and if we dont go get him relevately quick 
he starts....
eating the crap out of his crib.

Fun 9 month old facts about our cool baby:

Miles now has 4 teeth (two top and two bottom--another is trying to poke through now)
He is starting to mimic what a monkey and Lion say
He responds to his name 
He will drop everything, crawl to you while crying when asked: "Miles do you want a BABA?"
He loves crackers and drinking from his big boy straw cup
He tugs on your leg to be held
He loves to find you when he sees you crawl away from him
He likes to eat our shoes, cherrios, and rice chex
He LOVES blowing raspberries still
He lights up when dad walks in the room
He makes the hard "C" sound a lot
He lays perfectly still while his ears get cleaned
He uses his pointer finger for everything....even rolling the ball back to me
He got his second hair cut
He weighs 22 pounds
He is starting to bounce up and down while standing on the couch
He is very difficult to take a picture of now that he is mobile.
Yep, he's a cool one.

October 23, 2012

8 months

I really needed to post this today ...
because tomorrow Miles will be 9 months.
I am so behind in blogging. 
I am so tired and so busy and my house always needs attention before the blog.
Sorry, its the truth.

Anyway back to the title of this post. 
8 Months.

Miles rocks a babyhawk and is already due for another hair cut.
What can we say...
the boy has good hair.

Miles has discovered the grass!
Fall isn't here yet in California, so we are still outside in onesies and no shorts daily.
He enjoys relaxin on a blanket pulling grass and trying to eat it.
Magnus runs around and keeps us entertained.

8 months has brought not 1, not 2 but 3 teeth.
The two top teeth and one bottom tooth.
You can see a tiny white speck in this picture.

We have a great love and fascination with cords and plugs.
Every time I vacuum, Miles is there to play with the cord...which eventually he tries to eat.
He loves string too.
He will pull on shoe laces and try to gobble them up,
He pulls on my dangling apron strings from behind just so he can eat it.

Miles doesnt sit still in his high chair any longer.
He twists and turns and likes to drop things.
I love to watch him look over the tray onto the floor to look for his toy.
and his UH OH is adorable.

Miles is on the move!
He crawls everywhere and plays on his knees.
He is using his pointer finger a lot lately. (especially on my nose)
He loves taking baths.
He is a fan of squash and drinking from his sippy cup.
He adores Magus and has fun playing with the kennel and his water bowl.
Miles is pulling himself up to stand at the couch, bathtub, stairs, and toys.
 Sitting for too long isn't fun anymore. Just last night he took a step to the side while standing at the couch....he'll be cruising very soon.
He always wants to hold the remote control and push all the buttons.
He likes to play up by the fireplace and look out the back sliding door.
He SCREAMS and CRIES when I say "Miles, do you want a BABA"...ummm I'll take that as a yes.

He is such a fun little guy.
He truly is a joy.
 Happy 8 Months little one.

October 11, 2012


It's apple season! 
A group of my church friends caravan-ed up to Oak Glen to pick yummy crisp apples. 
It just so happens to be the same orchard Romney grew up by and worked at as a teenager. 
Romney would ride his bike up to the Farm at age 14 to help give tours for field trips, cute huh?
It was fun to be there near the mountains and pick fresh organic fruit. 
We picked laundry baskets full.
It was good to be out in the sunshine...
 with our family and friends....
It is nice to have friends who are willing to lug a HEAVY baby around for you while you run W A Y far to use the bathroom...
it was darling to see the kids run from row to row with sticks and rocks...
it was cute to see kiddies helping their mommies...
It was great to chat with friends...
and it was SUPER FUN to gallup and chant HORSEY HORSEY so Miles would enjoy the rest of his stay in the bjorn!
We got home with baskets full...
and got to canning.
Now I'm stocked up on homemade applesauce and apple pie filling.
...and I don't even like pie...

September 26, 2012

7 Months

 Miles is growing growing growing....
and so is his hair.
He is Justin Beiber by day and flock of seagulls by...
well naptime.

Miles is always brought into our room when he wakes up in the morning.
Which as you can see- he has some great bed head.
He hangs out in our bed and we chat about our nights sleep and what is on the daily agenda.
Going back to bed is always the hope for that agenda.
Sometimes were successful and sometimes we are up with the chirping birds....

Miles LOVE for Magnus kills me.
He seriously lights up when ever he sees him.
Magnus does take a beating on a regular basis with eye poking, ear pulling and tail biting.
I do stop the tail biting for those who are grossed out.

Dad is pretty popular these days.
Miles reaches up to grab his face and rip his nose. It's adorable.
He has a funny fascination with Daddys ears and Mommys hands.
Miles tries with all his might to crawl.
But he still does not.
He gets on all fours and rocks back and forth but...nothin.
But...he can get to the sit position.
Soon enough Miles, soon enough.
Bath time is a fun time.
He splashes so hard, I walk away pretty wet.
He loves playing with the baby rubber ducky most.

and the biggest change at 7 months is....
a haircut.
He looks so handsome and so old.
It made me sad it cut so much off his cute little head, but he needed it.
he was beginning to look like Chris Farley.

Some fun things that cute Miles is doing:

Is using his finger and thumb to eat PUFFS
Can turn the page when we read books
Can hold his own bottle
Started to wave "hello"
Started rolling the ball back to me
Loves eating squash
Makes a yucky face with peas but will still eat the whole serving
Discovered women's jewelery- especially on Sundays  
and my personal favorite....
doesnt hold still during a diaper change.

Miles you're a good one.
You are growing too fast.
Happy 7 Months baby boy.

August 16, 2012

Signed, Sealed and Delivered

The 6 month mark is very exciting in the adoption world.
It is the time when all can be finalized.

On July 26th, 2012 we went to court where we stood before a judge and made a promise that we 
would love and care for our child as if he were our own flesh and blood.
We promised that our child we receive the same rights and become our heir as if he were our flesh and blood.
 We signed our names willingly,
 and thrilled that this was almost done.
 Miles slept through the excitement,
 But literally woke up the second our family applauded when the judge announced
finalization of Miles adoption.
I whispered to Romney that it felt like we just got married.

One week later on our 9th wedding anniversary 

Some family flew in, some family drove from far away places, and some live around the corner,
but all made a huge sacrifice to be a part of our special day.
It was the middle of the week, in the middle of the day.
We love our families and appreciate the love and support they have shown towards baby Miles.
 Miles was darling the whole day.
He blew raspberries and cooed at everyone.
 He was a trooper in the over 100degree weather.
 I loved celebrating our anniversary in the temple with our baby.
I love that we are all sealed together forever.
I love my little family.
 I didn't know my heart would ever feel this way.
  I didn't know the amount of love I could possibly have for a baby.
I didn't know that being a mother could change you.

and now I do 
and I am grateful.