June 14, 2015

White Water Preserve

I am almost caught up on blogging.
I am so happy about this.
(now my mom wont have to keep reminding me that I need a new post)

 Okay, back to blogging....
White Water Preserve.
Such a random day, random spot, all around random.
It's off a odd exit on the way to Palm Springs.
It's out kinda in the middle of no where really.
There is a wadding pool right when you enter for anyone to use.
We didn't--just to be clear.
However there are tons who use it.
This is apparently part of the Pacific Crest Trail(the hike from Mexico to Canada).
So tons of hikers were passing through and bathed in that wadding pool.
(and that is why we didn't go in)
We brought Magnus and he was in heaven!
I love when Miles walks him, it's adorable.

We wondered through the trails a bit and found this awesome creek.
First we took off our shoes and got our feet wet.
The water was fresh and perfect temperature.

Magnus ran around kicking up the sand and all our friends were loving on him.

As time went on Miles got a little more wet....

We took residency on that bridge
and would move occasionally when a hiker went by.

And then this happened....
Miles couldn't just keep his feet wet.
He "swam" and at that point what are you gonna do?
You let him.
He was SO happy!!!

It really was such a beautiful day.

I think Magnus dreams of this place often and cannot wait to go back.

Some of the older kids from church were helping the little ones crawl under the bridge and you can see a little Miles head peeking through.

It was such a random last minute thing we decided to do with some friends but seriously we all LOVED it.
And we're going to go back.

White Water Preserve...go check it out.
Random but awesome.

June 13, 2015

Last Disney Day for Summer

We have loved our Disneyland passes this year.
Miles is getting more and more brave with all the characters.
On our last visit he really wanted to see Pluto.
He went right up and gave him a hug.
It's so sweet.

I have enjoyed our time together at the happiest place on earth.
It makes us all happy and we all sleep in the next morning.
It's a win, win for all.

Miles and Porter have been Disney buddies since they were one.
They love each other.
It's fun to watch them grow up side by side.

The last few visits we have met up with Jessa and her little one Mina.
I love Jessa and have learned so much from her in the adoption world.
She's amazing and a great friend.

Our passes are blocked out this summer and we can't go back til September.
That's just fine, we'll find plenty to do this summer.

Family Fire Day

The Fire Department had a family day and now Miles wants to go back to the fire station all the time.
Little does he know, its not always this fun!

They had fun little stations for all the kids to play at.
They did things like:
-have the kids to crawl out of a smokey house
-climb down ladders
-pull hose
 ...you know everyday things :)

The boys had a great time pulling the hose.

We got to ride in the firetruck "code red" and talk to each other on the radio.

Home Depot was there and donated some things to build (hence the apron) 
Family Fun day was at the training towers and they had the water going for the kids to run around in after the water bucket renegade races were over.
Miles was SOAKED head to toe! 
No, really...SOAKED

So we bought a new shirt on the way out of the party.
He fell asleep in his car seat wearing his new dry shirt and a spare pair of dry underwear we keep in the car (for those just incase moments)
We had such a fun day as a family.
We loved watching the fire demonstrations while eating snow cones and visiting with Romneys buddies at work.

We love our fireman!
Thanks for all you do love.
(don't mind the windblown, sunny selfie)

Minor League Baseball...

I had a cute date the other night.
Miles and I went to a baseball game.
Nothing fancy, just a minor league baseball game in our area. 
Romney was working but we didnt want to miss out on the fun with our friends.

But we had a so much fun!

How fun are those clapping hands?
Miles insisted he bring them and he used them thee entire night!
Say baseball..."BASEBALL"

The hotdogs were cheap and the pretzels were stale....
But the sunset was awesome!!!

Everything about this picture makes me laugh out loud!
His eyes, his lips, just the whole thing.
I can't stop laughing.

Eventually he just wanted to sit on my lap and watch the game from there. 
(I'll take it)
He loved clapping when everyone clapped,
he loved cheering when everyone cheered,
he loved waving his arms in the air for a free shirt when everyone waved their arms.
We had a fun date.
He was so much fun to have.
We're ready for the big leagues now baby!

Fathers and Sons Campout

Romney and Miles went to the Fathers and Sons Campout with our church.
All the dads and all the boys pack up and head out for one night. 
I have been uncomfortable with Miles going until this year.
He is potty trained, older and can follow directions (kind of....he IS three)

Miles had been so excited all week to go with HIS daddy.

I was so happy to see him so excited loaded up in the car but I was sad when they drove away.
I didn't have anyone to tuck in or sing to that night.
I already missed them.

Miles is such a daddys boy.
It is so sweet.

 (whenever Miles sees this picture he says "fire! thats hot, don't touch)


Sleeping in the tent was his favorite.
Romney said when they set it up Miles kept asking to go to bed.
Now he wants to go again and again.

I and so  glad Miles has a daddy who loves him and takes care of him.
I am happy that he has a daddy who will take him camping.
I am so happy that Miles has such a good example to follow.

June 10, 2015

Birthday Package....

This is such a late post....But better late than never.
Miles recieved a fun birthday package in the mail from his birthfather, his birthfathers parents and grandparents.
Miles had been sick for a few days with a runny rose, fever, and cough when the fun box came for him.
He perked right up and loved opening everything!

He was really excited about his new goggles that came with the swim suit
(he has tested them out in the bathtub)

He loves light up balls and this cool ball does just that!

He was so curious about the clay molds and was so confused why it wasn't play dough.

He was loving the spiderman water bottle.
(we use it almost everyday)

Miles was so excited about everything!

He got spoiled. 

We went straight outside to test out the sidewalk chalk.

Thank you "L" and family!
We love you and want the very best for you!!
We appreciate the kind gifts.
They were so thoughtful.
The blanket is beautiful and we can't wait for him to fit in all those clothes.
(especially that vest...it's awesome)