October 28, 2007

Our House....is a very very very fine house...

Well this post took me over an hour. Romney is at work and I have no idea how to down load pictures onto the computer. But, I did it. I wasnt willing to wait for him until tomorrow morning. Literally it took me an hour to figure out this downloading the chip thing. However here are new house pictures that were requested ( mostly by my sister and sisters in law ). Last night Romney patched up all the holes in the wall. He replaced a toilet seat cover and worked on ripping the cubboard out. Im working on cleaning the upstairs right now. Lucky me.

Stairs. I just love the three tone paint on the wall. Check out all the colors of paint on each section. Now the chandlier is the prize. But upstairs to the right is the master bedroom and to the left is the linen cubboards and bathroom and 3 additional bedrooms.

Kitchen. She is coming along. The cubboards that are hanging right in front of this picture are coming out- to open up the area.

Family room. This is the room where the leak WAS (no more leak) coming down on. This was taken from the eating nook/kitchen. We can not wait to fix up the fireplace and put up a mantel

Living room. The doggydoor is on the right side of the wall.

Dinning room. This is connected to the living room and to the right is the kitchen. Notice the awesome lighting. And get close to see our amazing backyard....yes its an above ground pool and tree house and shed all klumped together. (pool is going, shed and tree house are staying)

Here is our doggy door. I wasnt kidding...

Yes it is crazy. But all an easy fix. WE love it. We cannot wait for all the changes to happen. It is wierd to be a homeowner. Doesnt feel real at all. But it is ours and I cant wait to move in...someday and call it home!

October 23, 2007


This house is soooo dirty. I have no idea how long its been vacant but its bad!!! We have spent HOURS cleaning and cleaning and cleaning. The downstairs bathroom and kitchen are ready! They are completely scrubed and sanitized. The cubboards were so gross. There was so much grease, food, and dirty finger prints on them...so gross.

Now they are ready for some paint. The cabnits are going to be painted white and get some stainless steel knobs on them. Hopefully that will help tons.....Oh does it need help. (I promise Im helping too)

Water Leak....check

Well the projects have begun!!! I did say that the tub leaked but I might have left out that it was leaking from upstairs through the ceiling. Yeah there was a little water damaged hole so Romney made it bigger and began to fix it. There is a new pipe line and we are hopefully leak free. Final leak check on his next day off.

With this ceiling open now, were going to continue to open the whole section and put up some recessed lighting.