December 27, 2016

New Zealand Part II-Blue Pools

On the side of the road there is a sign saying BLUE POOLS HERE.
It was a very easy trail down to the water (about 15 mintues)
 We knew we wanted to check it out but we were not expecting the blue pools to be sooooo blue!!
 It was amazing!

We ended up taking family pictures here.

Each and every angle brought a different look and different shade of blue!
This is my favorite.

It was by far the prettiest natural wonder I have ever seen.
How is the water so blue? 

After we did our family photo shoot we played around on the rocks...

walked over the bridge...

and took a million selfies.

oh my, oh my, Blue Pools--you were glorious!
(expect for the sand flies/fleas that feasted on us...those little bites brought misery for days)

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