May 26, 2013

Water Baby

Miles is 16 months and LOVES the water!

  EVERY TIME the back door opens Miles walks straight to the dogs water bowl and stands in it.
After he stomps in the dog water he dumps the water down his chest.
I literally have to run after him to stop this from happening daily.

 He loves when daddy sprays him with the hose and has discovered drinking from it is pretty cool too.
He doesn't mind water poured over his head either.

I have learned to put Miles in his swim shorts or "play clothes" anytime he goes out back because he will get wet!

Anytime he sees water in a cup, the sprinklers going, the shower dripping, a pool, or the gutter filled with water he yells


May 20, 2013

Bitter Sweet

I love teaching.
Better yet...I love teaching Pre School!
I remember telling Romney when we were dating that I wanted to teach pre school out of my home some day.
I kept pushing off the idea for years because I thought we'd be pregnant.
I let years go by allowing infertility take over my life.
I remember subbing for a fourth grade class one day thinking "why do I keep waiting"
So that day I started up my preschool.
So for the past few years I have been running a preschool out of my home.
Twice a week for 3 hours.
I love it.
It makes me happy.
I love watching the little ones progress.
Yes, it is like herding cats somedays.
But over all it is rewarding and fun!

 Miles hangs out with Daddy on my preschool days and the days daddy is at work he goes to our friends house.
It works out great and Miles is happy.

Now with all that said... I have decided that this is my last year teaching pre school.
I have been so wishy washy about my decision.
I go back and forth.
I would already have a full class for next year.
I have students parents who want to come back again.

But when I see my class picture getting photo bombed by my sweet boy
there is   N O T H I N G   to think about.