December 8, 2016

Australia part I-Blue Mountains

Our little family of 4 just got home from such a great vacation.
We had the opportunity to go down under for a few weeks.
Everyone thought we were crazy for taking the kids on such a long flight.
But they both did AWESOME!
We put the kids in jammies and drove to the airport at 8:00pm and took off by midnight.

They both slept for a good portion of it.
We put Miles on the floor with lots of blankets and Andie laid on the middle seat.


We decided to go up to the Blue mountains before doing the city thing.
We absolutely loved it.
We explored Jamison Valley for a few days.

Romney loved taking his pictures

 Andie loved getting her picture taken by all the foreigners. 
(it was hilarious how many people took pictures and selfies with her. It was crackin us up)

But she was a trooper in her back pack.

We spent an afternoon at scenic world where we took gondolas, and glass bottom trams over the valley.
We loved going up and down the super steep railway through the thick trees.

Jamison Valley is most popular for their "three sisters"
Because we were there for a few days we got to see them at different times of the day.
They really are glorious.

While we were at scenic world we were told we should check out Jenolan caves.
So, that's what we did.
We picked the easiest tour for our family!
The kids and I were pretty quick to want a sweatshirt on.
But it was fun to walk through the cave and see the rock formations.

Traveling with kids is a little different.
But a good different.
In all of our traveling we have never stopped to eat pizza at the park.
But we did this time.
 And it was so fun.
We all had fun. 

We played....
We attended church...
and found Everglades to bundle up at....

I was sad to leave the mountians.
I fell in love with the tiny town and didn't want to go.
clearly Romney and Andie were loving it too.

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