September 26, 2017

Bryce Canyon

 Bryce Canyon was so amazing.
I didn't know what to expect. 
and, I loved,loved, loved it.
When we got there, we just drove around the park.
When we saw a view point we wanted to see, we'd pull over and take it all in.
The orange rock formation was beautiful, the hoodoo rocks were gorgeous and the weather was 20-30 degrees cooler than Moab.

Watching Miles take pictures never got old!
(hiking boots, and a camera strapped to his belt loop were the winning ticket for this boy, he didn't complain once this trip)

Somehow these two manage to sit in the dirt and stay busy getting dirty whenever they possibly can.

 That night, we found a great camping site in the Park
where Romney grilled yummy veggies and chicken.
He's a good one-that Romney.

We loved having my parents with us for this trip.

I love the memories that were created with them.

 On our last day we walked the trail along the river ....

...We kept our eyes out for stinging neddle...

...and made it to the mossy cave.

This place was perfect for our little family.

We walked the same trail back but made a stop to walk and play in the in the freezing cold water...

 and EVERYONE had a blast!!

 And this concludes the Ellsworth National Parks tour.
Everything was so beautiful.
I love all the variety this earth provides.
I love witnessing our Heavenly Fathers creation.
It's truly miraculous. 
There is just so much to see.
We loved our experience and loved waking up in the motorhome everyday to these little banchies.


We drove away from Moab excited to see Canyonland.
We were slightly disappointed because the sky was so hazy (those darn fires)
We couldn't see out very far.
But it's still a marvel.

The kids didn't seem to care about the view, they were completely happy just climbing rocks. 

Originally we were going to stay a few days in Canyonlands to hike and explore BUT, the fires were bad, and it was so so so hot.
SO, we decided to campout for the night and wake up super early for the sunrise hike to Mesa Arch.
(Its super easy and all ages can do it.)

Miles was a bear to wake up.
BUT, once he finally was awake, he LOVED it!
It was so beautiful to see the sun come up.

Once we got to the arch, I couldn't believe it,
There was tons of paparazzi and it was silent.
Then here comes our family, LOUD and PROUD.
It was funny.

It really was pretty and worth it.

Miles loved every second of it, 
Andie.....well she didn't want to wear her shoes (again), and was not going to look at the camera (again),

We got back to the motor home for breakfast and this girl crashed.
Waking up early wasn't her favorite either.

After we ate, we all decided we didn't want to stay in Canyonlands.
 It really was beautiful, but we were done in less than 24 hours.
We still had a couple more days on our trip, so we decided to drive to Bryce Canyon!

September 9, 2017

Arches National Park Part III

A couple of days we went to Mill Creek to cool off.
You walk few short steps and you are in nice cold water. 
And it was so refreshing in that heat!

It was kind of fun to climb down into it.

We discovered a natural water slide that the kids went NUTS for.
Romney and I took turns sending them down and sending them back up.

They wanted to do "again, again, again!"

over and over....

...and over.
Both kids were so mad when we left on those water days.

The evenings were spent back at the "campsite" where we made our dinners,

played in the rocks,

and ate smores!

Moab, Utah was amazing! 
We absolutely loved our time there.
It was so hot, but would we do it again?
After our amazing expereience in Arches National Park we were ready to go explore Canyon Lands.