September 9, 2017

Arches National Park Part III

A couple of days we went to Mill Creek to cool off.
You walk few short steps and you are in nice cold water. 
And it was so refreshing in that heat!

It was kind of fun to climb down into it.

We discovered a natural water slide that the kids went NUTS for.
Romney and I took turns sending them down and sending them back up.

They wanted to do "again, again, again!"

over and over....

...and over.
Both kids were so mad when we left on those water days.

The evenings were spent back at the "campsite" where we made our dinners,

played in the rocks,

and ate smores!

Moab, Utah was amazing! 
We absolutely loved our time there.
It was so hot, but would we do it again?
After our amazing expereience in Arches National Park we were ready to go explore Canyon Lands.